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E-Mail 3/26/2012

You really should not get frustrated with me. Honestly I write you letters all the time and they end up not getting finished because we are running errands the whole day. We are practically the assistance wives I swear. I usually get a chance to write one or two quick notes to people. I had been holding onto Valene’s for about 2 or 3 weeks. Please don’t get frustrated I really suck at writing letters and I really don’t know what to say in them. It’s like writing a novel about random happening of everyday. I would rather send you my journal but I’m still writing in it. Which reminds that I will be sending a box home that is full of letters and pictures and random things I’ve collected over the past 9 months.
Anyways, Life sounds like it’s going. I am excited to hear that you have been planting and making the yard look pretty. Also that you got to sleep with the windows open. Our A/C is busted and blowing hot air. We have to leave the front door the deck and all the windows open so we don’t melt. But it’s nice out side so i really shouldn’t complain. Today I got my hair cut and it looks pretty good. I would send pictures but I have no memory left on my camera. I’ll have to get pics from the sisters.
Life is kinda going fast out here. I swear just the other day it was February and now it’s a week to April. I’ve been able to learn a lot. We had a companion ship study with the Assistance. They talked about serving with your Might Mind Heart and Strength. We broke each one down and I found out that I need to work on mental focus and and heart. I don’t necessarily love the people that I work with and or dont care. I am a master at zoning out and spacing off even when I am looking people right in the eye. I feel bad, but can’t help it. Also, they told me that i have to serve with all my heart, even if that means you are setting yourself up for a hard fall and a major heartbreak. I don’t want to get my heart broken. Especially not by people that I barely know. But that was something that the Elders asked me if I was willing to do. I couldn’t really answer. So this past week, my studies have been on charity and focus. Also being emotionally attatched. This all sounds lame, I sound like a heartless something, but I’m working on it. Also on disclosure. I was basically told to get in touch with my feel goods. I’m not very excited.
Anyways. Some fun things that have happened is that a few weeks ago the Andersons took Sis. Hong and I on a shopping spree! They got us so many new clothes it was awesome. We got to go out and eat some Cuban food with our investigator Maddy who refuses to get baptized but loves us. She will be getting baptized this weekend but doesnt know it yet. 😛 We have aweosme discussions with her. We had her come to church yesterday and she thought it was torture. She lovingly made fun of the people who bore her testimonies. It was pretty funny though. Then after we took her to the elders Baptism. It was amazing. we almosty missed the baptism, but got there just in time. His name was Emilio, he got to talk to Maddie after the baptism and giver her his testimny it was so cool. She still being stubborn, but for him it was an amazing experience. The Eders take such good care of us. Yesterday they gave me a blessing cause of all the things that I have been workign on and trying to work with Sis. Hong ( she is constatnly getting head aches and needing to go home) And I just felt like I needed one. So Elder Kealamakia gave me one with Elder Hansen. It was perfect and amazing. I’m still trying to digest it. But it helps so much. Anyways.
I love that you are studying the articles of faith! I still have no idea really what they are. So everythign you send is really good for me. And i lvoe that you are working at the temple. I can;t wait to come home and you can give me all the insights on whats going on in there. I haven’t been in so long I can’t wait to go. Which by the way, I’m not saying that you can’t pick me up, i’m just saying that if it is a financial toll it is ok. But also, i dont want to be rushed to leave adn stuff. I would like to show you around and have you meet people and have dinner with President, if you came that would be hard to do. I would rather come back when we could take our time and enjoy the trip. But you also you can come pick me up. And i have told you my departure date like a bajillion times. DECEMBER 13TH 2012.
Which also reminds me for whatever reason. May I have more garments. mine are very not pretty. only if you can. mine will probably last a a few more months. let me know. anyways keep telling me all the cool stuff that you are learning and doing. i use that a lot for studies n things. Well I got to “hele” (go)
I love you tons and miss you!
Sis Holder

E-Mail 3/5/2012

Dear Family,
That was a crazy long email full of great ramblings, but I liked it 😛
Anyways Life sounds very interesting at home. Mike I can’t wait til you start working in the Temple!!!!! Is it the Salt Lake or the Bountiful? That sounds like so much fun! And academy sounds like everyone is learning lots. You could probably teach missionaries the same thing and you would have the same results. So Is it starting to warm up out there or what? Out here it has been in the 60’s which I guess is unusal. But it is supposed to warm up big time and it is getting more humid so I can’t do my hair straight anymore. boo….
Ok so the Library just shut off and it was very depressing cause it was while I was writing this email. Everytime Sis. Hong and I try to use the library something happens and the computers shut down. It’s super lame. But anyways.
So I sent a letter about how I was having a hard time with my companion, but all things are good now and back to normal and we are on the same page for everything. It is just super hard when you can’t take a breather from each other and Pres Anderson had a talk with both of us seperately and now everything is great. :p Stupid girls.
Anyways so there isn’t a ton of exciting things that happened this week, but we do have a handful of people that we are excited to teach and get baptized. And I have learned a lot about myself too. But we are working with a super sweet lady she is 36 and is a bartender that wants to change her life. She loves when we come over and she loves what we teach her. But her job doesnt allow her to get off work until 7 am so it’s reallyhard to get ahold of her. She’s always sleeping. 😦 But she gon get baptized.:PThere is also this sweet 11 yr old girl named Annika. She has a mother who is trying to come back to church but she has a lot of crazy stuff going on in her life, but she is doing everything she can to get Annika to church. But annika also plays travel softball. So it makes it hard because all her games are on sunday. So Annikas dad who is not a member will let her do anything as long as it does nto interfere with softball. sigh. He makes things so difficult. There are a few other people but they have left my brain just know. Oh wait.. Jose and Marie (pronounced Mary) They are from Haiti and are the cutest family ever! They are so ready to get baptized they just arent making church a priority. So we are just dying trying to help them get to church and feel the spirit. We wont give up though. Anyways Thats kinda what we are working with right now. Today we get to do to the Swap Shop with the new district and enjoy cheap random stuff that we dont need. It’s gonna be hilarious. Tomorrow we have a training in boynton beach (my old area) but after they are kicking all the elders back to where ever they came from and keeping the sisters and they are doing a special trainning just for us! We are so excited! We have been asking for a sisters conference for like ever. So this was a compromise. We are super happy to have it. Anyways things are looking good and I still have a lot that I need to work on but thinsg have gotten way better this past week and they are only going to get better. We are both happy and working hard so. Yeah.
Hey did you get my SD card for my camera? I havent been able to take pictures cause I cant afford a new one. So hopefully you got it.
Anyways let me know.
I love you
Sis Holder
PS How funny was it to make josh mad? did you taje pictures?