E-Mails and Photo 11/19/2012

Sister Holder’s Last Zone Photo

To let you know. Grandma Fechik is getting baptized this weekend in her pool at her house. Which is pretty cool. We still need to get approval from Pres Anderson, but the assistants said he’d be cool with it. Bizhan is planning on getting baptized on Sunday as well. He has completely stopped smoking and I took his coffee and alcohol so he hasn’t been having any of that either. We told him he could drink hot chocolate. So he now treats us to hot chocolate every time we come over. His health is much better and he is excited to be coming to church and being around people that enjoy him and care. He calls Sister Aloi and I his daughters. He’s so sweet 🙂 Kenson is still being stubborn and he has a crush on me so it’s and interesting process, but he is progressing.

I gave a talk in sacrament this Sunday and it was awesome. I talked about the Atonement and answered the questions. “As a member missionary who will be returning home. What would you change when you go home to be a better member missionary?” The only thing that I could think of was INVITE. I will invite people to do stuff. Come to church, read the Book of Mormon, be baptized. That’s basically the major thing that changed our mission here. We started invited people to act, inviting them to be baptized, to repent. So they did. What amazing miracles came from it. Who would a thought that something so simple would make the biggest difference? It was a really fun talk 🙂 Anyways. That was most of the week.
Dear Pres. Anderson,
This past week we saw a lot of success! We have been blessed so much with members coming with us to our appointments and helping our investigators work towards their goal of baptism. The Coral Springs ward is becoming more converted to the work we do every week. I was given the privilege to speak this week in sacrament and to share my thoughts and feelings on the Atonement of Christ and those things that I would encourage the members to do to do their own missionary work. After sacrament many of them came to me excited to share the gospel and were grateful for those things that I shared. It was an awesome experience!
We have also had amazing experiences with members helping us with stubborn investigators. We have been working with our investigator Kenson for quite some time. I met him my first transfer here in Coral Springs. As we have had him come to church and meet members we can see that he is slowly, but surely becoming more converted to the gospel and has a greater desire to repent and come closer to Christ. Because of the bold testimonies of our members he is starting to see the changes that he needs to make in his life and the things that he can be blessed with. The members are amazing and are sticking with our investigators.
While harvesting this week we have been praying for those who are the prepared and the elect. We have been finding many individuals and families who have been interested in our message and we know that as we continue to work with them miracles will happen as we follow the spirit. Yesterday we decided to knock in an apartment complex that we had driven by a million times but never really noticed. As we knocked on the doors we weren’t finding much success. We continued on. We knocked into a man named Kiet. A very out going and happy guy, he let us pray with him. After the blessing he began to talk with us about what his ideas on religion. He doesn’t really go to church, but has Christ in his heart. As we were talking with him he was telling us how he is very accepting of religion and how one day he was on a plane to Germany and was sitting next to a lady who shared a book with him. He never read it, but thought that it was cool. So he kept it. He showed us the book and to our surprise it was the Book of Mormon. We shared with him our testimony of the book and that it was words from God. We left him with the invitation to be baptized and to read the Book of Mormon. He was excited to read what we left with him and can’t wait to talk more with us about the Book of Mormon.
This week has been an awesome one for us. We are excited to have baptisms this up coming weekend!
Thanks so much!
Sis. Holder

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