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E-Mails and Photos 4/30/2012

Hey Parents,
Sounds like you have had a rough week.
So I wont expound on it, but Sis. Beck and I have been talking about how cool that you have 3 missionaries out at the same time. I love telling all the members out here about it. They are always shocked and then say something about how lucky you are. 🙂 Can you send me the pic’s of Devin from the MTC?
Anyways. This week has been really cool. I have had a lot of crazy experiences. Sis. Beck and I got to hang out with Humpty Dumpty. We were dropped by a really cool family we were teaching. It was super sad. They are the Paul family from Haiti. They were doing so well and came to church, sae a baptism. But after that they dropped us like a hat and wouldn’t really say anything other than they didn’t want to be Mormon. It was really lame. Oh and then pur investigator Josh. Boy has he put us through the ringer. He is so prepared and ready to be baptized! So we had his baptismal interview on Thursday. He was late so we didn’t get started until 9 pm. Elder Edwards gave the interview, So Sis. Beck and I got to hang out with Elder Perrotti (brazillian pronounced Pay-Hot-Chi). He is so cool. He’s from Sao Paolo (sp?) Brazil and is an amazing missionary. We had a lot of fun talking with him. Finally at 10 o’clock Josh and Elder Edwards came out. Elder Edwards signed the paper and practically ran home, but nobody really said anything to us after. It was super late so Josh had to get going and said he would see us on Sunday. We were so confused. Not knowing what was going on I tried to text the Elders to see what was going on and accidently texed Josh! It was horrifying. Thank heavens all I texted was “So no baptism then?” Josh replied “No”. We told him we would continue to work with him and would see him on Sunday. He agreed. Then next day Elder Edwards calls us and says, “Sisters, Have you heard from Josh?” “No, we are so confused about what’s going on.”
Elder: “Well I have something to tell you about Josh.” Oh no! He’s gay!!! That was what was goign through my mind. Elder: “So the deal with Josh is that he knows he needs to get baptized. He knows that everything you have shared with him is true. BUT. He simply is so stubborn he doesn’t want to get baptized simply because you keep inviting him and he feels like it’s not his decision.” Honestly.. A slew of swear words and curses came across my mind. I punched the dash baord actually. I was so mad and happy all at the same time though. I was happy because he new it was true and that he wasn’t gay. But I was so mad because he wouldn’t get baptized because he was stupid stubborn. So we were supposed to have a secret baptism for him without the ward knowing, but he never showed up for it. So now I am at a loss of what to do. He has told us that he knows that it is true and he knows he needs to be baptized, but he wont do it because we invite him to. There is literally steam above my head when I think about it. But, on the bright side. Kevin. This amazing 13 yr old boy got baptized and he was so happy and excited! It was a beautiful service and such a happy moment. He showed up to church in a white chocolate colored suit and a baby blue shirt. He was so funny the whole time. He was doing meditation while he was waiting to get dunked. It was adorable. His mom came and was so touched and happy that she decided that she wants to get baptized too. So we are really happy to start working with her. Yesterday was also Sis. Becks birthday. She is now 22 yrs old! Woot Woot! So the Assitants came up and brought us treats. We felt so special. They came up just for us. They are amazing. 🙂 We also had some amazing lessons yesterday that were full of the spirit. Shatina (LA) and Enoze (LA) We had lessons on the Atonement and endureing to the end. This two woman are in the worst of situations and have very little. But they wake up every morning and do what they have to do. Enoze justlost her job and is taking care of 5 kids and has nothing but she still managed to celebrate Sis. Becks birthday. It was so heart breaking and beautiful all at the same time. And Shatina is in a similar situation with her 2 kids. But they keep workling hard and dowing all they can to take care of their kids and to make time to learn about God and Jesus Christ. I have learned so much from them. I just want to take care of their kids and help them out, but we can’t. It really is heart breaking. We always cry and tear up at their homes or afterwards. I am definately happy for the life that I have for sure. Anyways that’s all I can think of right now.
We are going to go and fly kites today. So we are excited!
Love you both!
Sis. Holder

Dear Pres. Anderson
This week has had many ups and downs but we finished strong with another baptism! Kevin’s baptism was this weekend and we were so happy to have it. Though we had many more planned we couldn’t be happier with the work. Kevin was so excited to get baptized. When he showed up for church he was dressed in a bright white suit. It was the most adorable thing I ever saw. We had a lot of support from the ward and from the Elders. Kevin’s mom was able to be there and see her son get baptized and she felt the spirit so strong that she now has the desire to be baptized herself! We are so excited to work with her and help her be baptized.
One of the other baptisms that were supposed to happen this weekend was Josh Kennedy. He is an amazing person that has sincere desire to learn and grow, but he also is the most stubborn person I have ever met. He knows he needs to be baptized, but by simply inviting him to be baptized he refuses to get baptized because he feels like we are telling him that he has to do it. He wants it to be his own decision. We are working with him the best that we can and the Elders have helped out a ton. So we hope to be having another baptism next week.
We have found some amazing new families to work with this past week. We are excited to work with them. One family, Wendy and Allen, have never been baptized. It’s something that they want to do and want to learn about. What an amazing opportunity. We have set them with a date for the 13th of May and they are excited to prepare and learn.
Sis. Beck and I have been having a lot of fun together. We have been there to help each other strengthen our testimonies and to learn and grow. We have had amazing teaching experience where the spirit is strong and we have fun running through how the day went every night. I have been learning so much this transfer and have been having so much fun.
Thank you for everything you do.
Sis. Holder

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