E-Mails 11/4/2012

So Yes,
I was in my 2nd trio for 8 days then they ripped sis smith away from us. There was a sister that came in unexpectedly and so she got moved up to boynton beach and the new sis is being trained by sis beck in boynton beach central. poor sis beck training again. training is hard…. sigh, but it is soo good at the same time. Besides sis beck is amazing.
So yeah. I miss sis smith, but oh well. We now have an extra bed in our apartment. I use it as a nightstand. Silly.
Anyways. so this week has been interesting. We didn’t have any baptisms which was a bummer. and our peeps aren’t progressing as well as we thought they would. Except for Bizhan. He has been reading the book of mormon and having amazing spiritual experiences. but becase of the experiences he has been getting scared. so he will go to the casino in the middle of the night so that he is around people….. We are trying to work through this problem. But other than that he is amazing. I can’t until he gets baptized!
We are working towards the 18th.
Funny story.
So on sis smiths last night with us we went out harvesting. We walk up to the first door and it swings right open! And the first thing I see is a huge Hooka pot and 4 people smoking out of it. So i immediately start laughing my head off right in front of them to the point that I am in tears. I couldnt look at a single one of them with out laughing. they thought it was pretty funny too.
Finally when i was able to compose myself (about 5min) they let us in and we shared the prayer. They were very accepting and appreciated the prayer. But it was a quite unforgettable experiences. Then as we were leaving the complex, i was backing the car out and a guy yeld to us and said, “Dont head that way!” and pointed to about 8 or 9 emergency vehicles about 20 yards up the road. He then yells out, “They just shot someone up there! So dont go up there!” I told him that we were headed home and he stalked off to his apartment door. We werent exactly sure how to feel since where the shooting took place was our first choice to knock. But because of laziness of having to make u-turns we opted out and picked the complex that had easier access. Lucky us!
Anyways this week was hilarious. and crazy and exaughsting(sp?)
Anyways it sounds like things at home are going well. I like hearing the updates about grandparents and zander. I am excited to come home and see everyone again.
And mom dont worry… There are 2 Elders that I go home with in my Zone that text me weekly about how many days we have left of the mission. as of today we have 31. sigh 😛
But im not trunky. I am quite enjoying the work and am trying to find who it is that we can baptize theses last few weeks. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be but i know we will have at least 6. because that is our goal.
But yeah everything is great. Because we got 270 harvest blessings this week in our zone we got a zone activity today and lunch so we are super excited for that. Volley ball adn pizza! YUM!
Or maybe Dodgeball.. we’ll find out when we get there. Anyways.
I just remembered I forgot to tell you and Mike HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I felt so bad lst week! I was trying to find a way to send you something or anything, but i was shut down!
So Happy belated birthday!
The best mommy in the world
And Mike Happy BIRTHDAY@!!!!!!
best dad ever!
I love you parents!
I got 30 secs! LOve you@!

Dear Pres. Anderson,
This past week has been a whirlwind! We were so excited to have Sis. Smith with us and then she was taken away 😦 But we had a really good week with her and saw miracles.
We have been teaching a gentleman from Iran and have been sharing with him the Book of Mormon in Farsi. After a lesson we committed him to read the it. The next day we went back to discuss the things that he read. He told us of how he had an amazing experience with the spirit as he read, that he wasn’t exactly sure what to do with himself. But he knew that it was from God and is excited to prepare for baptism and to learn more. It has been amazing as we have been teaching him to share with him the things that I know to be true and it has been building my testimony. We are excited for him as he is preparing to be baptized on the 18th of this month.
Earlier this week we harvested a a woman named Mely. She had just been getting ready for bed. She allowed us to come into her home and share the blessing. After the blessing she expressed how it was interesting the timing that we knocked on her door. She had just been given a lower position at work and life hadn’t been going the way she wanted it too. I know that Heavenly Father sends us to peoples home who needs us most. With out fail we always find some one who is seeking Him out and we are there knocking on the door. Since, we have gone back to share with her more about our message and she is excited to come to church and learn about baptism and who we are.
This week we had some struggles with our area in getting people to progress forward. After discussing it, Sis Aloi and I are going back to the basics and are working on improving our harvesting efforts and finding those who are the elect. We are excited for the miracles that will come from harvesting and can’t wait for the baptisms.
Thanks so much!
Sis Holder

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