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Kylie’s Last Mission E-Mails 12/4/2012

Dear Pres Anderson,
This week has been full of spiritual experiences!
As it is my last week we have been trying so hard to have the miracles happen to be able to finish the transfer strong. As things always seem to go wrong right when you think things are going to be perfect. Sis Aloi and I were not able to make our weekly goals in the things we were working hardest at. We were trying so hard to get people to church and to have baptisms. Both of the baptisms that we had planned fell through and people didn’t follow through with their commitments to come to church.
As I was in church I was a bummed out about the outcome of all we had done. Then I started to notice the bigger picture. Earlier I had read a talk by Elder D. Todd Christofferson about seeing the gospel with an eternal perspective. So while I was at church I was surrounded by many of my recent converts and ward members who have been converted to the great work that we do here. I was happy to share my testimony with all of them and to be there with them. I know that I was able to lay a foundation for future missionaries to work off of. This work is one of the greatest things that there ever was. Helping the Lord fulfil his purpose is the most amazing thing that I have ever been privileged to be apart of. I love my mission and I know that I am a representative of Christ.
As we harvested this week we were able to find a wonderful woman named Lordes. When we knocked on her door and introduced ourselves as Representatives of Christ she immediately started speaking in Spanish. Neither of us speak Spanish but she seemed to understand what we were saying in English. So after explaining something that I don’t know what she said, she allowed us to come into her home and share the blessing. As we walked in she asked if we were Mormon. We replied yes and she told us how Elders some time ago used to visit her at her home and that there were many of her family that lived in Utah and were members and had served missions.
She was excited to talk with us and to receive the blessing. She had her granddaughter come and be apart of the blessing. Turns out we had just blessed her granddaughter with her dad just the day before. Lordes loved the blessing and can’t wait to have us back and to continue to learn about the Book of Mormon and church!
Sister Aloi and I have had a great week regardless of anything that has happened. We have enjoyed being together and I am so excited for her and for the great things that she will do. Thanks for being inspired to have us be together.
President, Thank you for all that you do!
Sis Holder
Hey Parents!!! Guess what??? I’m coming home soon 😛
Sigh… i’m not gonna lie i have been freaking out about coming home. Don’t feel hurt but yesterday I was tryingt o find away to extend. Then I came to my senses(Sp?) and was happy I was coming. I have been a ball of all random emotions at one time. But now that it’s pday and everything is final and set I am happy. I cant wait to see you on thursday 🙂
Right now i am super excited for going to the temple in the morning and dinner with pres. and sister anderson. I would love to go the temple on saturday please!