E-Mail 11/26/2012

So the week has gone by super fast! Here are the stories:
 Grandma Fechik- Grandma Fechik is the sweetest Ol Lady you would ever meet. So for the past 2 weeks we have been teaching her… which has been a doozy. She is pretty much deaf so we have to talk very loud when we talk to her. Well I have found that I am not a loud speaker. All my talk in sacrament they have had to turn up the mic because I talk to soft. The funny thing is that I thought I was talking super loud. Sigh. So we teach grandma Fechik practically yelling. I always leave with a headache. Not only that, she already knew everything, so it was silly for us to teach her. She would tell us how she already knew all those things over and over again. But over all they ended up being very spiritual experiences. We had Thanksgiving dinner with them. This is the family that takes care of us missionaries the most! We had a major feast that I couldn’t believe that I ate. It was intense! Super good though. Then on Friday we had her baptismal interview. That was precious. Elder Smoot did the interview and he had to yell the whole time. It was so funny. We could hear everything. But it was good. Then on Sunday.Was the big day. It was just the family and the missionaries their. Of course the 2nd counselor had to be there. But we got there after Bizhans baptism. They had preped the pool so that it was 90 degrees. Bro Fechik and Tyler (grandson that just came home from the mission in Sept.) got to baptize her. It was the most precious baptism of my whole mission! She just wanted to dunk her self and have it over and done with because she was worried that she would die before she would have the oppertunity. She is the sweetest lady! You would love her! It was just so beautiful too. It was an awesome Florida day, the pool was a pretty blue color and the sprirt was so strong!
Bizhan Tajalli- Ok so I will start from Thanksgiving. Bizhan had a hard time beleiving that Jesus Christ was the literal son of God. So he didn’t want to get baptized unless he knew that that was true. So we thought that sharing the Restoration DVD would help. Well we got to his house and we had the case for the DVD but not the actual DVD. So we instead decided to show him Finding Faith in Christ. We watched it and after the movie we were given the shock of our lives. He was so upset witht the movie. It made him feel depressed and sad. He couldn’t believe that some one would go through such crazy experiences for him or anyone else. We had to stay a whole extra hour just for damage control. We were home at 10 o’clock and had to explain the situation to Pres Anderson through text because it was soooo late. So we were discouraged about everything and weren’t sure he would work towards baptism anymore. But the next day the elders encouraged us to have Bizhan do his interview. So while we were waiting at PEPBoys for our car we set it all up. Unfortunately PepBoys sucks and instead of having us with out the car for an hour and a half they had us waiting for 4 hours!!!!! what a joke right!?? So we sent the elders over with out us. When we finally got our car back it was 345 and we hurried over to Bizhans. When we got there Bizhan opened the door and jokingly chastized us for going to Pepboys We were confused. and there the elders were sitting drinking lemonade. So we sat down. They started up their conversation and Elder Torres made the comment like “So Bizhan what size suit do you need?” Sister Aloi and I were taken aback and realized that the interview was done, he had passed and was super pumped for his baptism! It was super cool! The Elders are amazing! So Bizhan was ready to go and on Sunday we preped everything. So when it was time for the baptism. Bizhan and Bro Jamei walked into the font that I was happy I had rememebr to fill. Well when they got in there it was only full up to their ankles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The font had drained! I was so mad. So we had to wait another 20 30 min for it to fill again! So we spent like 5 hours at church.But it was awesome! Bizhan only had to be dunked 3 times! 😛 He said he was going to sue Bro Jamei for doing it wrong twice. It was so funny!I think those are the best things that happened this week!
Hey parents! Love you tons!

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