E-Mails 11/12/2012

Ok so back home looks like it will be way too cold for me to come home…. :/ When it gets to 75 out here I am freezing. I am not prepared for snow at all!

And is that topic for Dec. talks what I will be talking on is that why you sent it to me? 
Bernie looks like a rat in that picture.. 😛 
Well we had even more miracles happen then the ones that I shared in my email to President. 
So Grandma Fechik. (The Fechik family is one of the families that takes really good care of us missionaries) Grandma fechik is Jewish. Well on Sunday Sis. Fechik came up to us and told us that Grandma Fechik wants to get baptized!!!!! We are so excited. She is like 85 years old.. Im not actually sure about that but we were so happy! So we are going to be teaching her this week and I think she is getting baptized on Sunday! It’s more up to the family though 🙂 But we are so HaPpY!
Then we also had another guy surprise us on Sunday. His name is Kenson. He is a 21 yr old Hatian kid. But he is pretty noncommital. So when he showed up on Sunday we called the zoneleaders and asked if they would come and do an interview. So they did. He passed. But he was too scared to get baptized so we are working in having him baptized this upcoming Sunday. 
So we have just been blessed this week. 🙂 Other than that there isn’t much else going on. We have zone conference coming up on Friday in Ft. Lauderdale. Bizhan still hasent been able to come to church. SO we are trying again this week so he can be baptized on the 25th. His poor arm causes him so much pain. 
Oh can you send me the lyrics to Amazing Grace and to “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” (i dont know the title to that song.)
Thank you so much for the money. I dont think that I needed that much but i can use it for when I go home. 
I can’t really think of anything else. Oh Krissany was wanting to come with you to the airport to pick me up. That would be ok right?
Well I can not think of anything else that is running around in my brain right. Now. 
sorry for being so scatterbrained. 
Dear Pres. Anderson,

This week started off really slow for us since we had an incident where Sis. Aloi sprained her ankle. But this week we were optimistic in doing the work and did our very best to keep up with the work. We have been seeking new investigators and we know that the best way to find them is through harvesting. With Sis Aloi’s ankle it was a  little difficult to get out there and be knocking on doors. By Friday we only had 5 blessings for the week. With the help of our leaders and Sis. Aloi taking care of her ankle we were able to get 25 blessings by Sunday. Which brought on so many miracles. 
We have been seeking and praying for families to teach. We were blessed with 4 families that wanted to learn about baptism and how it will bless their family. One of the families. Tamarah and her 3 children were so intrigued by us that they could help but ask questions about who we were and what made us different. We were able to share a short lesson of the Savior and His atonement and the Book of Mormon with them. They can;t wait to have us back and to come to church on Sunday and prepare for the 25th 🙂
We were also blessed with member work this week. Our ward has been taking even more steps to being converted to missionary work. They are expecting baptisms to happen at any chance and are more willing to come out with us and take care of those we teach. We had an experience with one member while checking up on a media referral. The referral, Lin opened the door. She’s from China and is trying to decide if Christianity is something that she wants to believe in. She just happened to come across Mormon.org and requested missionaries. We tried to offer Lin a couple options for learning more, but it was our member that made the difference. She invited Lin over to home for dinner and to take the discussions there. Lin accepted right away and is so excited to come to church and learn about Jesus Christ.
We were able to have many more miracles happen this week that were an answer to my prayers. We know that this new week as we keep consistent in our efforts the miracles will continue. 
Exchanges this week were amazing! Sis. Jackson is a sweet new missionary with a powerful testimony and I was grateful to be able to spend some time with her. At the beginning of the exchange she seemed very nervous and explained many times how she wasn’t feeling very confident about going out and doing the work. As the day went on I noticed how powerful her testimony is and shared with her how that is something that will build others faith in the things she shares with them. We had a lot of fun together harvesting and teaching. She will be even greater the more she learns and acts on her faith!
Thanks so much!
Sister Holder 

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