E-Mails 10/23/2012

Dearest Family,
This week has been pretty cool πŸ™‚
I’ll start off with the fact that we had 3 baptisms on Sunday!!! WootWoot!!
It was quite the event. It was our investigator Karen and her sons Junior and Omari.
They are the sweetest little family ever. We are so excited for them and have had
so much fun working with them. If I could send pics I would but for some reason they aren’t working:/
Anyways, Funny Story. Yesterday as we were knocking on doors. We were in a nicer area so
people weren’t being as receptive. But we knocked on this one door and a young man came out
who was like a bajillion feet tall, (6’5) came out and greeted us. His name was Jordy.
While talking to him I had to look up almost cricking my neck. No matter what we said to him
he would not let us share a prayer with him or anything really. So we finally gave in. We put our hands
out to shake his hands and to thank him and be on our way. He ignored our hands and stated “I give hugs.”
Sis. Aloi and I were baffled at him and his giant self gave each of us a hug. He then made his way back into
his house and that was it. We laughed a good long laugh afterwards. We were just so shocked
at him and how funny the situation was.
Also we had Transfer call ysterday… For my last transfer… my fate is. I stay in Coral Springs….
with Sis. Aloi….. and with one other sister………………………………………
I am not exactly happy about this. I don’t really like being in a trio.. and it’s my last transfer….
I’m pretending like I don’t care. But trio’s suck. No matter how good the missionaries you are with
are. Sigh… I’ll I know is that we better baptize every week. 3 missionaries should produce a lot of
work. I can do anything for 6 weeks.
But Sis. Aloi and I get along amazing! We love working togther. Plus we have been getting so many
compliments about how we are the best Sisters. Apparently we are the only sisters in the mission who
aren’t complaining about something. It was super funny to hear. :p
Anyways. I am enjoying the work and am happy to be where the Lord has put me. I have been able to
do a lot of introspection and have been looking at how my mission has gone and how I have changed and
grown. Well lets just say I have made major progress and am happy about it. I have had a great time out here
and am super excited for this last transfer. Sis. Aloi and I are excited for the miracles πŸ™‚
But it is neat to look at how the beginning of mission was to what it is now. It’s a world of difference
and I’m excited to see what happens by the end of this transfer. I know I was meant to be here πŸ™‚
Anyways that is my week.
How is Grandma doing? and Zander?
Dear Pres. Anderson,
This week has been awesome and full of miracles. This past week we had the pleasure of being apart of our investigator Karen and her families baptism. It was packed with the spirit and her and her family are amazing. Because of the recent baptisms our ward has become even more missionary minded than they have ever been and have been excited about the work. It was neat to see how the members became such a big part of the process.
This week as I was reading the Book of Mormon, I had been praying for more spiritual experiences that would help with the work and how I can serve more fully with my “heart, might, mind and strength.” I was reading in the book of Mosiah where King Benjamin is giving his address and he explained that we can more fully serve the Lord as we continue to follow the commandments with exact obedience and to serve. It was simple and nothing I hadn’t heard before, but it was powerful. It was a testimony of how Heavenly Father hears our prayers and gives answers. It has been awesome to testify to our investigators of how the Book of Mormon is going to help them on their journey to getting closer to Christ.
A cool harvesting experience we had happened just the other day. Sis. Aloi and I have been trying to find ways to improve our harvesting so that we can help those we bless to have a greater desire to hear our message. We were able to learn a little bit from our district leader about “How to begin harvesting.” We learned how to apply better the “how to begin teaching” in harvesting to find real desires of those we bless. Asking inspired questions was a big part of it. We got to apply it as we met Belinda. We offered the prayer and she willing accepted. We asked her what it is the she would ask the Savior for at this time in her life and she gave us amazing responses that made the blessing so powerful! She is super excited to come to church on Sunday!
Thanks so much!
Sis. Holder


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