E-Mail 10/15/2012

Dear Pres. Anderson,
This week during harvesting we were knocking on a comlpex that we had been having a lot of success with. As we were going about knocking in doors a couple floors up from the bottom, I saw a young man walk from his apartment in the bottom floor. I looked at him thinking that it wouldn’t be possible to catch up with him to talk to him. So I attempted to continue on. But we felt that we really needed to say a pray with him. So we quickly made our way to the bottom and across the parking lot to catch up with Claude. We offered to share the blessing and he willing accepted. After we shared the blessing he was happy and dove in for a hug because he was so grateful. I know in that moment he was able to feel the spirit and if nothing else in that moment he was able to come closer to Christ in his busy life. It was an awesome feeling to be apart of the joy that he felt.
We have been working with a young man named Zamir. For the past coouple of weeks we have been trying to help him and his fmaily come to church, but they had been non-committal. We got to talk with Zamir and found that he had been struggling with trying to understand the need for the Book of Mormon. It was a neat experience because I saw that both Sis Aloi and I had a building testimony of the Book of Mormon as we testified to Zamir that it was the word of God. Zamir came to church the following Sunday and explained that he is starting to understand better the need for the Book of Mormon.
Also this week we got to have an amzaing baptism that was able to help the young women in our ward come closer together. Christina was baptized in major part due to theyoung women doing their part and being their for her when she was preparing. It has been an awesome experienece for our ward as they are becoming more converted to doing missionary work.
Thanks so much!
Sis Holder

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