E-Mails 10/8/2012

Dear Pres. Anderson,
Being able to watch conference this weekend was an amazing blessing!
I was able to receive answers to my prayers and receive a lot of guidance on what to do in my area.
This past week Elder Smoot had challenged us in district training to better invoke the spirit as we teach and harvest. It is something that I have been praying for everyday. After general conference we went harvesting in a building that we had just found. We went to the very top floor, the 6th floor. When we got there, there was a family who was moving large bags into their apartment and and their children were running around them. We approached them and offered to share a blessing with them. The mom, Keisha, politely declined and explained that they were moving. We offered again and she said “no”. We gave her a card and began to walk away, but something just wouldn’t let us just end it. we turned around and again offered to share the blessing and we offered to help them move the bags into their home. Keisha thought for a moment and accepted. Keisha told us that her father was very sick and she was unable to be there for him and that they were going through this move. We offered the prayer. Afterwards she was so grateful and was glad that we were persistent in sharing with her and her family. She is now excited to learn about baptism and what it can do for her family. 
I know that us continuing to follow the spirit is what is going to help others to feel the spirit. I know that yesterday in conference Pres. Monson stated that no prompting form the spirit should be ignored. I see how true that is. 
Sis. Aloi and I are excited to be having a baptism this week which is a miracle! Especially since Christina told us during her interview and after her interview that she was not getting baptized. But now she is happily preparing for Tuesday.
We are excited for a new week to accomplish great things!
Sis Holder  

Dear Parents
This week was a pretty good one. It was a little hard though. Sis Aloi and I found ouselves with time on our hands which was bad.
But it turned out good.
OH! The most embarrassing story ever.Well it was just that we were so emabarressed.
So we had district training on Tuesday as always. But surprise! Pres Anderson and the Assistants were there.
So that was the start of Sis Aloi and I feeling somewhat uncomfortable.
Then during roleplay demonstration Sis Aloi and I had a moment of tension because she needed to go to the bathroom and I told her she needed to wait until after. She said no and got up and went to the bathroom anyways. So I had to fallow of course. I wasn’t mad, but we thought we were mad at each other. So now we are even more uncomfortable. Then we did roleplays…. We had an assistant, district leader and zone leader with us fir the roleplay. We felt like we were being watched and evaluated. At this point we both were kind of in shut down mode. The roleplay by our standards was super bad. We had the most awkward moments and felt so stupid. We ended and tried to get away as fast as possible, but the zone leaders caught us first. Just moments before Sis Aloi and I had just talked about what had happened and came to the conclusion that they all probably thought we were in a huge fight or something. So I kinda saw it coming that they would need to talk with us. They made sure all the other Elders had left the room and asked if they could sit and chat for a moment. They asked us what was wrong and what they could do to help. They were so serious. Sis Aloi and I looked at each other and just cracked up laughing. They were so confused. So we had to explain to them that we felt super awkward and were embarrassed for our actions. They weren’t convinced that everything was ok. They went into big brother mode. So we talked with them for like ever until they were convinced that we were ok. After the whole ordeal we had to go home and sleep off the experience. It totally drained us.
Also this week we had Christinas’s baptismal interview. Just so she could see how readys he is for baptism. So Elder Odar went in and did the interview while we waited outside. It took about 40 min. Then Christina came running out. She was acting silly so I asked her about getting baptized and she said no. I guess to start off her interview, the first thing she said to Elder Odar was, “I’m not getting baptized.” It was super funny. But I guess during the time after she had ben praying about it and was able to get the confirmation that she needed to be baptized. So we are grateful for the spirit for sure.
Also I loved Gerneral Conference! It was the best and we got an investigator to come to the saturday session. We have to go to the church and watch it or to a memebrs home. But everytime we go to a memebers home it is super distracting. And usuallythe satelite feed goes out. But we had fun in both places. I loved the talks by Elders Bednar, Holland, Nelson, and Pres Monson, Uchtdorf and Eyrings. all for different reasons. But they were amazing. It was really good this past weekend. I’ll have to show you my notes about it when I get home because the Elders loved my notes and wanted to make copies of them. They thought they were so cool.
Anyways. I dont really know what else to talk about.

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