E-Mails 9/24/2012

Dear Pres Anderson,
This week Sis Aloi and I definitely experienced miracles. This past week we were trying so hard to get our MPL up. By simply applying the things that you had trained us on previous and also applying things learned in district training we were able to hit standard this week which was our goal! Not only that we had received so many indirect blessings with finding and having spiritual experiences.
We had been taking members with us harvesting and unfortunately did not have success in finding during the time we were harvesting. We were really bummed out and a little discouraged. But as we went to our next appointment for the day, we got out of the car and a young man waved us over as soon as he saw us. He asked us to share a prayer with him. We did and he accepted baptism. I know that because we made an effort to share with the members our experiences we got to see a miracle.
As the week progressed Sis Aloi and I were becoming frustrated with our investigators as many of them were no longer progressing. As we continued to try and help them progress we didn’t see much results and weren’t sure there were going to be investigators at church. We went out to round up and were unable to get ahold of most people we were working with. On top of that the ward had us pretty much for the whole Sacrament program. We both were giving talks and singing…. it was nerve racking! As the meeting began we saw our investigators trickle in one by one until there were 7 of them there. Which was awesome! By the end of church we were giving the best blessing ever, when a man came to us and told us he was ready to be baptized. We had his baptismal interview right then and a half hour later he took an amazing step of faith and was baptized. So we had a pretty amazing week πŸ™‚
Thank so much!
Sis Holder

Dear Parents,
This week was awesome.
We reached our goals.
We had fun.
We baptized! πŸ˜›
So cool story.
Last week a guy named Daniel came to church. I introduced myslef to him and asked where he was from and why he was visiting. He told me that he was visiting our service because his grilfriend was in the spanish ward and he wanted to understand in english. But by the way he was talking I thought for sure he was just a member from a different area. Boy was that a stupid mistake. After church a member came to me and told me about Daniel and how he is not a member. I felt really dumb, because just the week previous we had a training. “What will you do when you meet someone who is not a member and has been to church multiple time? Baptize them!” So this week totally made up for it. We talked to him. He asked what we do. We told him we help people get baptized. He said, “I want to be baptized” so we walked and talked with him until we rani into the Elders and had a baptismal interview right then. We told the ward, who wasn’t exactly happy. They went down kicking and screaming. But in the end they supported us in all we had decided to do. So after his interview Daniel was baptized and his girlfreind got to be there and was just crying her pretty eyes out. It was an awesome moment to be apart of. We have seen so many miracels this week. We have reached almost all of our goals! Sis. Aloi and I have been having an awesome time working together. She is an awesome companion and I am very blessed to be training her. I don’t think it would be this awesome if it was anybody else. She is definitely one of my favorite companions. πŸ™‚
Lets see what else happened this week. Oh we got a new district leader. It’s Elder Smoot from Kaysville! There is KTown pride all around since there are 3 of us from Kaysville in our Zone. Elder Lee is serving in Cypress Creek. So we are having a lot of fun.
Um. Our recent converts are satying strong and we have been having fun teach with them. Neina got to go to a missinoary boot camp this past week and she called us up and asked us to come over so she could tell us about it and so she could thank us for what we do. It was so precious.
Oh and the ward really put Sis. Aloi and I to work on Sunday. We were both giving talks on the temple and missionary work in sacrament and we also gave the musical number. That’s right. I can sing! Who knew right? πŸ˜› Before I used to sound like a broken record. We sang a song called “In Quiet Grove” by Janice Kapp Perry. It was haed but we pulled it off. We were so nervous! I was singing the melody and Sis. Aloi sang the harmony. It worked out really well πŸ™‚ It was a good Sunday. πŸ™‚
That’s all I can think of right now. So yeah. That was my week!
Sis Holder

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