E-Mail 9/18/2012

Hey Parents,
So this week was transfers. There is only one person who is getting transfered this time. Elder Bowen. Pretty much our zone stayed the same. I’ll have to send pics next week. But yeah Steves baptism was the bomb! It was so cool and it made the ward hop into action and they are helping us out more than ever! It is interesting. Because they gave us the hardest time when we told them we were baptiszing Steve. But I guess they got over it and are just going to help us do the work full force. Mostly the members have been awesome but there are some people who dont like it. But it doesn’t matter people are getting baptized and they are sticking with it. Steve is absolutely awesome and we are workign with his sister Christina. for the most part we have lost a lot of our investigators and are back in the finding stange. which is kinda hard. but it will pass and we will have more baptisms. 🙂 This past tranfer we did so well that our zone got t-shirts with our homemade design and our names on it. We get them today.I am excited. It’s cool to hear about what you learned about garments! He’s right we dont really think about it much. And it was cool to hear your experineces with trying to understand your trials. Our family i think is defineately meant for something great. I just always think about Pres Eyring talk about Mountains to Climb. I loved that and it defineately put things into perspective.
Yes I will send testimony and experiences. I dont remember what its for can you remind me? Please 🙂
And its good to hear how devin is doing. Is he just not wanting to email me though? I understand. jsut send me updates please.
Well I am excited for this new transfer we are having miracles happen so i can’t wait for more.
It is transfer week I forgot to tell you guys last week. I am glad to hear Topper is home safe and sound.I was kind of upset last week about it.


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