E-Mails 9-4-2012

Dear Pres. Anderson,
This week I have been able to learn so much from Sis. Aloi. She is very level headed when I am not. ๐Ÿ™‚ This past week I was able to learn that you always can take it to the next level. We have had some struggles with our ward, but because we have seen that there needs to be a change, we have been doing those small and simple things. It has been making the biggest difference. This past week we were supposed to have multiple baptisms, but I think they didn’t come through partly because of lack of preparation on my part. Sis. Aloi was definitely able to help me see these things and help me make the necessary changes to make this next week a week of true faith and miracles. I am so excited. From the Book of Mormon I have learned so much the difference it makes when you sincerely seek. I have been reading about the Tree of Life in 1 Nephi 8. This has helped me to create a better vision for our area and to increase my faith. Lehi, when he was in the dark and dreary waste immediately turned to prayer and found the Tree. He had no other objective than to get to that tree. He saw nothing else. It was his goal to get to that tree. I feel like that’s how missionary is. You have a goal to help people be baptized and that’s all you see. So I am excited for this week to see the difference. I am so grateful for Sis. Aloi! She is a blessing to me for sure.
Thank you!
Yo whats up parents!
Ok so some quick updates.
Cra and family did not get baptized because Cra has disapeared from the face of the planet and his phone is now dead. Courtney has done the same thing. We think that they are in cahoots together and are somewhere in Lala land. We have no idea what happened to them. sigh…
So this week for us was baptismless. Sad day. But we are going to find all our investigators that have been to church once and baptize them all this weekend. I am super excited. We might need to say a lot of prayers though ๐Ÿ˜›
Our cool Jamaican family is still pretty cool. They love it when we stop by and visit. One of the twins Keon, he had broke his toe so he was talking to us and telling us that he missed us. So we want them to come to church, because they are way too sweet to not have the gospel in their lives.
Sis. Aloi and I are having fun and just making all the changes in the world to better help the ward here. And it’s working! We are seeing so many amazing miracles come from it and I feel so much better about everything.Our ward has been trying to keep up with us baptizing. We found a way to make it easier for them. We made the Baptismal Action Plan. It basically is just better communitcation with the ward and nagging them until they all hear about whats going on. It’s working so yeah.
Anyways life is pretty good this week. We are praying for a lot of miracles to happen this week. So I am excited. Plus we get to go on exchanges on Friday! I get to go back to my first area for the day.Woot WOOT!ย I can’t wait. ๐Ÿ™‚
Anyways I think thats all I have for right now.
Love ya!
Sis Holder
PS By the way. How is Devin doing? I haven’t heard from him at all. Is he alive?

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