E-Mail and Photo 8/28/2012

Dear Family!
I am still alive after having gone through a hurricane!
It was a joke how the news blew up the storm… just a lot of rain and some wind. Saturday night we were advised that we needed to prepare food and water for several days. Then a few hours later we were told that we needed to prepare our investigators. The we were told that there would only be one hour of church on Sunday. Then they shut the schools down. Then we were told that we were not to leave our apartments after church on Sunday…. The bordem was great. Sis. Aloi and I bought a supply of cereal, milk, chocolate, and dorritos that would last us for a couple of days. Sunday morning we had miracles when we were able to help 4 of our investigators come to church! Whether or not they know it, we will be having baptisms this Sunday πŸ˜› We had Cravate aka Cra and his neice and nephew come to church! They loved it and can’t wait to come back πŸ™‚ we also had a guy named Coutney come. He claims to be Agnostic, but he plays in a christian rock band for another church… hmm… But he came and was nothing less then intrigued and wanted to come back next week. He’s super cool too. So we are hoping to have 4 baptisms. We have a lot of work to do this week πŸ™‚ So after church Sis. Aloi and I headed to our apartment and prepared to pretty much look at our missionary work and then nothing. After about the 2nd hour we resorted to watching all our teaching videos. Preach My Gospel, Finding Faith in Christ and all the Christmas videos. When we got bored of that, and after pounding down 2 bags of Hershey’s Chocolate and the Dorritos we decided we would make a dance to MoTabs version of “The Circle of Life” from the Lion King. We did it for about and hour and was then frustrated that we couldn’t get down our moves faster. Then we watched more videos. Also we had to update our zone leaders and district leader on our status every hour. sigh. at one point we had forgotten and they texted us wondering if we had died. Eventually we got too bored and decided to go and play in the rain. We put our Lava lava’s on flip flops and walked to the church which was about 2 min. away from our apartment. We just happened to go when there was a break in the storm and barley got rained on. Then we headed back to the apartment and then the rain came! We got soaked to our unders and played in the waterfalls falling from our apartment roof. It was so fun!!!!! But soooooo cold! We walked back into the apartment and froze because the AC was on. We took pictures of our adventures. Eventually it was time to go to bed. The next day we were not to leave our apartments until 5pm. So we basically studied and finsihed the rest of our unhealhty food supply and couldn’t wait to get out the door. The storm was pretty much finsihed by 5pm. πŸ™‚ We went to go and visit a new family that moved into the ward. They are so awesome. She made us the most delicious snack ever. It was brats with apples green onions and peppers sauteed togther the with some mutartd and a hotdog bun! it was soooooo yummy. Then we went to check up on our peeps. They were all doing well and we found a new family to teach! They are sooooo sweet. They are 7th Day Adventist and from Jamaica. The Jamaicans are like my favorite! We are really excited to work with their family! Anyways. Apparently there is another storm headed this way coming from Africa. We will see what happens.
Anyways.. thats all I got πŸ™‚ Oh thank you for the pictures! I really wanted those!
Sis. Holder

Sister Holder and Sister Aloi after Tropical Storm Isaac


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