E-Mails and Photo 8/20/2012

Dear Pres. Anderson,
This week has been filled with miracles for Sis. Aloi and I 🙂
We have had amazing lessons with the people we have been working with. We have been able to see them feel the spirit. We have been role playing and sincerely thinking of our investigators. As a result we had an amazing Sunday. Last week Sunday we were trying to help our young investigator, Abriana, be baptized. Unfortunately it was last minute and we did not yet have parental permission. As the week progressed Abriana explained to us that the excitement she had to be baptized was slowly leaving. Knowing we had to do something fast we began working with her parents. As the week progressed we hit many obstacles and were denied the permission many times. Sis. Aloi and I decided to keep optimistic and decided to fast and plan for the baptism anyways. We got all the way to Saturday night at 8pm. We decided to take a baptismal record to Abriana’s mom and simply ask her to sign it. She looked over it for the longest 5 min. I have ever had and then asked for a pen and signed. It was a miracle since earlier she had been saying no. We had her baptism on Sunday and the whole ward was there to support her. It was quite amazing. I know that this blessing was because we decided to stick with our commitments and stay obedient and of course a lot of faith. Sis. Aloi has been absolutely amazing at working as if things were going to happen. It’s been an amazing testimony builder to me.
Also, we met with our investigator Otisha this week and were able to share with her the Restoration. We shared with her the Book of Mormon and had her read the last 2 paragraphs in the intro.there was a moment of pause. She looked up at us and asked, “Do you think you have been sent here for a reason?” we answered yes. She agreed and asked for a Book of Mormon that she could read. We gladly gave her one. She explained that she knew that we were sent to share with her our message and that she was going to read. She accepted to work towards baptism.
We have had a lot of fun this week and are excited to find even more people to work with and help come closer to Christ. We are definitely going to take it to the next level!
Sis. Holder

Dear Parents,
Sis. Aloi and I are getting along great. We are having a lot of fun together and are seeing many miracles. There’s not a lot going on other than what I told you already. But Sis. Aloi and I met this lady named Prophetess Williams. She thinks that she is a prophet it’s pretty funny. 🙂 Anyways. I didn’t really think anything of her. She is super strange and smokes and talks for ages. So I thought that she would just not really bother with us cause we told her that she needed to stop smoking and that she needed to come to church and things like that. Well on Sunday morning she calls us about a half hour before church starts and asks if she can get a ride. I was totally shocked and suddenly stressed. It is super hard to find rides for people at 830 in the morning on a Sunday before church. But we made some phone calls and got her to church. She came and was vary much a southern baptist kind of lady, so she was loud and saying “Halleluja!” alot. Which is very much the opposite of how everybody else is at church. But she loved it and the people love her. So it was a neat experience if not to judge people by their first appearance. She can’t wait to come back and is working towards getting baptized. Also we had Abrianas baptism which was super cool! We are so excietd for her and her family. We also went sunrising this morning at like 6am. It was a lot of fun! We got to hang out with the fishermen. Rough sea guys and gals, but it was super fun. We got to see all kinds of fish and see the people catch them it was pretty cool.
Anyways I’ll talk to you next week 🙂
Sis. Holder

Sister Holder’s Zone


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