Emails and Photos 8/13/2012

Dear Pres Anderson,
This week has been an awesome one for Sis. Aloi and I.
We have had a lot of fun learning how to work together and accomplishing our purpose. Sis. Aloi is super amazing. She’s bold and loving and has been so excited to harvest. We have had some cool experiences with harvesting. Yesterday we were knocking in a neighborhood and not having as much success as we wanted to. But we kept going. As we were leaving the porch of a house, a neighbor pulled up in his corvette. In my mind I thought that there was no way he was going to even let is talk to him. But, we walked over and introduced ourselves. Kevin warmly welcomed us and asked what was up? We offered to share with him a blessing and he gladly accepted. After the prayer he paused. He was very touched and thought that it was beautiful. We invited him to be baptized and he wasn’t so sure, but accepted and asked if we could come back to teach him more about baptism and how it would change his life. You should never assume anything about anyone.
This week we have been teaching 2 young girls named Abriana and Angie. They are both really good friends and definitely have been prepared by the Lord. Every time we teach them a lesson you can see them light up and are excited to know more. Abriana got to come to Stake Conference yesterday. When we asked her how she liked it she said that she loved it and was so excited to be baptized. She also pointed out that she loved Sis. Anderson’s talk about the Book of Mormon and that it brought her to tears. This young woman is so ready for the gospel and is preparing for baptism this upcoming weekend.
We have had a great week and Sis. Aloi is making great progress and is so happy to be here. We are super happy to be together.
Sis. Holder
Hey Parents!
Ok so… I am training Sis. Aloi. She’s super cool. She’s from Samoa and speaks Samoan!
She is really cool though. And she is a very bold missionary that’s for sure.
So Training is …. well lets just say that I have never been so tired in my life then when I have been on my mission, and I have never been so tired in my mission then when I was training. But it’s fun. But I definitely follow the law of obedience. It’s like taking care of a child and they pick up all your habits and mannerisms(how do you spell that?) It’s crazy. But its good. I really needed it. And we have had some cool experiences this week. Like from Presidents email. But other than those things that’s all that is going on. Training is a 12 week program and we have a lot of things we have to accomplish on deadlines and all kinds of stuff. I feel like the weight that I felt from the transfer before was more because they had already chosen me to be a trainer at that point. I am definitely feeling the responsibility and all other things. But it’s good.
Anyways. I am sad to hear the Mazda is now gone. But I am sure there are only good things that can come. I loved hearing about your experiences by the way. It is good to hear your revelations. 🙂
I don’t really have a lot to report on today. Everything is just going. Time is flying by so quickly. everybody keeps asking me when I am going home… It’s becoming annoying. Plus I ran into Elder Anderson (now Skyler) a RM that went home in January. It was cool to see him. And also good to know that we can lose our mission weight. I was worried. He wasn’t fat or anything but he’s like a stick now. 😛
Anyways. I am enjoying my 4th transfer in Coral Springs and we have some amazing things that we are expecting this month. Hopefully 3 more baptisms. 🙂
Anyways. I love you both!
Sis. Holder

Sister Holder and Sister Aloi

Sister Holder and Sister Aloi Funny Faces

Sister Aloi with Bianca and with Rabbit the bunny

Sister Aloi and Sister Holder


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