E-Mail 8/7/2012

Dear Pres. Anderson,
This week was a crazy week full of everything!
The beginning was amazing when we had a surprise baptism! Our amazing investigator Neina was baptized on Tuesday! It was an interesting experience to share with her the morning before she was baptized. She was supposed to get baptized on the previous Saturday, but felt so unsure about everything. She made it to the font and decided that it was something that she couldn’t do. The ward was amazing and made sure that Neina knew that that wasn’t the end of it. They shared with her how they expect her to come to church and to continue to develop a testimony until she was ready to be baptized. She agreed and was at church the next day. All that Sunday I was so unsettled about the whole situation that I couldn’t even sit in sacrament meeting. Sis. Holladay and I turned to prayer and realized that she needed to be baptized as soon as possible. So that night we met with her and committed her to Tuesday. She told us that she would get back to s about it. That Tuesday morning we shared with her about how we gain access to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Her major fear was that she would make mistakes after she was baptized and wouldn’t be able to redeem herself. We testified of the power of the atonement. She took a moment to think and stood up and said, “Guys… I think I’m ready!” She was then baptized a few hours later. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!
Also, we had another miracle happen. We had been harvesting all week and was not having any luck. We were pretty discouraged and were feeling kind of at a loss. We decided to continue knocking on doors. We came to one where a very happy grandmother, Anne, with her grandchild opened the door. We introduced ourselves and she immediately let us in the door. After we shared the blessing with her she explained to us how she had been “seeking”. She was looking for the place that God wanted her to be. Both my companion and I got excited and told her that we knew we had been sent to her to help know where it is that she needed to be. When we met with her on our return appointment we shared the Restoration lesson. She listened very intently and asked all the right questions. She was excited to read the Book of Mormon and to pray and ask God about the things she had learned. Before we left she told us that when we knocked on her door, she didn’t know why she let us in. Normally she never would have let anyone in the door, but she let us in. We testified to her that we were sent to her from the Savior and invited her to be baptized and she accepted.
We have had some really amazing experiences this week.
Sis. Holder
Ok so your testimonies were perfect. They are exactly what I needed.
I found out that I am training this transfer and I am totally freaked out!!!!!
And it has been a rough weeek. But we have had amazing experineces.
I am excited to train but I have no idea how i am going to do this ….sigh
Thank you for taking care of the loan thing for now. I just dont know
what I could do for it out here.
It also makes me think, about school for when i come home. I need to start figuring that stuff out.
I was wondering what you thought about it?
The car thing is super cool though. I know it will work out.
Anyways I was able to confirm that I am coming home early, but I will be coming home on the 6th of december. so a week early.
anyways. I don’t have a lot of time. I will have much better things to say next week.
I loe you both so much. Thank you for the email it helps out so much!
Sis Holder

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