E-Mail 7/30/2012

We had 1 baptism this week. Her name was Michelle and it was awesome. Neina did not get baptized. She had a major melt down and felt super bad. BUT she is working on getting baptized on tuesday. We are super excited for her 🙂
Monique is still being lame and it makes us very sad. But for the mission this month we were able to reach 141 baptisms for the month! The only other mission that does better then that here in the states is Salt Lake City. Pretty cool right?
Our mission is doing so well. I am proud to be apart of it 🙂
Let see. On Monday we went to the Everglades. The biking trail that we wanted to go on was shut down for constrution. So we took another path that goes straight down the state. We saw no alligators and it was super hot. But it was beautiful. The everglades pretty much cover the whole middle of the state and go on forever. As we were biking we saw a storm roll in over the glades and saw a beautiful lightning storm strike all over the place. I love the storms out here.
Chuck is not doing well. He is way to depressed to function. He’s going through a divorce and is dysfunctional. But he wants to keep working with us. It’s just going to take a while. But the ward is doing really good about helping us out.
This week is Sis. Holladays last week. She has her departing interview on wednesday and leves next week thursday.
It is hard being a companion with some one who is going home. She’s no trunky or anything but itt seems to be all people want to talk about… She gets annoyed with it and has mini epsiodes of “I’m going home?” It’s kinda funny.
Anyways. So transfers are next week which means that Pday is on tuesday. I also heard (it has not been confiremd) That my transfer schedule has been changed and that i will be coming home 2 weeks early.I do not know that this is true because I haven’t heard it from Pres. Anderson. But it is very possible since I have heard it from many missionaries.
Oh our recent convert David Fabien went to the temple on saturday and his brother in law Guessin was baptized on Sunday at the Coconut Creek ward.
Um.. I can’t really think of anything else.
Love you parents!

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