E-Mail 7/23/2012

Dear Pres Anderson,
This week has been truly a week of miracles and it is really neat to see how the mission is doing. This week Sis. Holladay and I had some pretty cool experiences.
Our investigator Neina, who is getting baptized this weekend is more than prepared for baptism. It was really neat this week that after we shared with her the Book of Mormon, she told us about how she had been reading it and had a cool experience reading 2 Nephi 31. She had found a scripture that had really meant a lot to her and she wanted to follow the council that she had been given through the scriptures.
Also, this week we had a cool miracle when we met Chuck. You had the opportunity to meet him at the fireside last night. We had been out for the day and had already harvested for about an hour and a half and we still needed to have 1 more blessing. One of our appointments had fallen through and we decided that we would harvest some more. We decided to knock an apartment building that we were parked at. The first door we knocked on was answered by Chuck. We introduced ourselves and offered to share the blessing. He looked at us funny and then asked, “Who sent you?” We told him that Jesus Christ had sent us to his door. He then told us about how he was going through a really rough time and that as he was just eating dinner he was thinking and praying that God would send someone to his door. There we were. We are now working with Chuck and helping him to receive the Gospel in his life. We also had the opportunity to share the Book of Mormon with him after a lesson on the Gospel. Later that night he called us and thanked us for sharing the book with him and that he was finding things in there that he needed to hear for the problems he was going through.
We have met so many amazing people and are working with them to help them come closer to Christ and we are really excited to be there for them.
Thank you so much!
Sis. Holder
Hey Parents!
Ok so this week was really cool cause of the stuff in Pres. email. Pretty cool huh? 🙂
So yeah this week was good for the things I learned and spiritual experiences, but it wasn’t so great (in my mind) for over all work. I don’t know a good balance of working hard enough and working to hard…. I never feel like I do enough.. sigh. And I am constantly sleepy. I am falling asleep during the most inconvenieant times, like personal study… and I am deathly tired all the time. Do you have any ideas? And yes I have been praying about it and to stay awake, but I fail all the time..
But anyways. Sis. Holladay and I are going to try to go to the everglades and see alligators. cool right!
Oh and you can tell Bro. Hansen that I wasn’t guilt tripped into it. I had compilled all his letters and had all the stuff out to write him.. I just never got to doing it. Your reminder was a good thing. 🙂
Let see what else is going on? We should be having to baptisms this weekend! Please pray for us! 😛
Anywas there isnt much to report this week.
Thanks and I love you guys!
Sis. Holder

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