E-Mails 7/2/2012

Ok. So here are all the updates.
Tuesday: Sis. Beck and I wanted to enjoy our last day togther. So we went to Gumbo Limbo Nature Preserve and got to hangout with Lemon Sharks and Green Sea Turtles. Pretty neat huh? It was awesome. We hung out with Elder Grant and Dayberry and just had fun hanging out on Florida’s State Road A1A. It runs along the ocean and has the multi-million dollar homes on it and all the col surfing and food shops. It was a blast!
Wednesday: TRANSFERS. So Sis. Beck was taken from me much too quickly. I was nervous and I didn’t really want a new companion. So I sat there suffering. It was a pretty huge transfer. Everybody central and south was there. But everything North stayed the same. So it was a problem. I could get anyone… sigh. So I continued to suffer through all the opening comments and my stomach became knots. They announced our zone super fast but did my area last. I was put with Sis. Holladay. She is a missionary from the Orlando Mission that was moved into ours back in Dec. Honestly when we were put together, I felt a weight placed upon me that I have no idea how to explain. I thought it was going to be becuase of Sis. Holladay, but more or less I feel it is the responsibility of being senoir companion adn taking over the area. And it is probably likely that I will be trainign for next transfer. But we will see. I also know that President is watching my area and is pretty happy so far. This is going to be an interesting transfer. Sis. Holladay goes home and she is a lot how I was when I first got into the mission. We are alike in all the right ways and different in the right ways. But niether of us is comfortable with emotion. It will be interesting. But we are dioing good so far. We had a baptism this weekend and it was good. But I fell super disorganized. I have learned more in the past 4 days than I did all last transfer I feel. I have a lot to learn and do.
Sis Beck was sent to Miami Shores in N. Miami. I will definately be keepig in contact with her! She has been the best thus far! We will see how this transfer goes though. Sis Holladay and I get along really well and we love doing the same things. Plus we are having fun. so…
Thursday: We got to meet the new district leader. His name is Elder Bowen. but most everyone is the same.
We also met a new investigator who is from Berma and speaks Myrmer(sp?) Her name is Aye ( long a).
We are trying to find a BOM for her in her language.
The rest of the week was just busy and trying to organize myself and get the area moving. Then sunday we had Louma’s baptism.
So it’s been pretty good.
Sis> holder
Dear Pres. Anderson,
This has been an interesting week! It was a pretty big change for me to have Sis. Holladay come to my area. Honestly I was pretty nervous, especially since I didn’t really know her. But we have had a successful week and I have learned so much! Sis. Holladay has a very simple and sweet testimony. It has been very powerful as we have been harvesting and sharing the gospel. We went to a home where the parents speak hatain creole and the children speak English. We explained that even though they couldn’t understand the words we were saying but they would be able to understand the spirit. After we shared the blessing the whole family had smiling faces. We invited them to be baptized and to meet with the creole elders. They accepted immediately and gave us their info. so that the elders could come and teach them.
This Sunday we had a wonderful baptism too! Do you remember coming to Shama Dufresne’s baptism back in May? Well her younger brother, Louma, decided to follow in her footsteps and was baptized. It was a very sweet and spiritual service. We also found out that a former investigator that randomly showed up for church yesterday was the cousin of Louma. And to make it even better, Louma’s mother was present at his baptism. We are excited to work with the remainder of the family and help them to work towards baptism.
This week has been an awesome week for us and we are excited to have more baptisms and to work towards the mission goals.
The spirit is something that I have been studying to make those things that I teach more powerful. So it was perfect that the email you sent was centered on allowing the spirit to pierce the hearts of those we teach. It was the perfect thing I needed to hear.
Thank you so much!
Sis Holder

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