E-Mails 6/26/2012

Dear Pres. Anderson,
This past week has been one full of little miracles! Though we did not get the desired goals that Sis. Beck and I set ourselves out to do. We accomplished so much! because of the things that we were working towards we were able to receive some definite miracles this weekend. Because of the amazing finish of our transfer together, this next transfer will be full of wonderful blessings and baptisms.
On Sunday one of our investigators who is the brother of our recent convert is now preparing to be baptized for this upcoming weekend. Yesterday we had an amazing meeting with a media referral that we have been trying to get a hold of for the longest time. We had a chapel tour. It was so full of the spirit that as we showed her the baptismal font, she was kind of upset with herself for not having had met with us sooner. She explained to us how it “just felt right and good” to be there and to be given the invitation to be baptized. She can’t wait to meet with us again!
I have gained such a strong testimony of baptism and the need for it over this past transfer. Having invited almost every person that we harvest to be baptized has helped me to see that everyone needs the opportunity. If they don’t take it in that moment I know that a seed is being planted.
Just yesterday, while we were harvesting, we knocked into a former investigator. She was so happy to have us, she quickly ushered us into her home. We happened to come at the perfect time. She explained to us that she has been dealing with some difficult struggles in her life and knew that God had sent us to her door. We shared a blessing with her and she was in tears after. She asked us if there was anything that she could do for God for the goodness that he continues to show her. It came to my mind to share with her Mosiah 18: 8-10. We shared it with her and told her about baptism by the proper authority. She wanted to know what it meant for her. We shared with her that the things she could do for God were everything in those scriptures. She felt happy and comforted and wanted to understand it better. We are excited to go back and share with her about baptism.
As this week has gone on Sis. Beck and I have been able to see all the little miracles and blessings that Heavenly Father wanted to share with us.
I am really sad to have Sis. Beck go, but I am super excited for this next transfer and all the neat experiences it will bring.
Sis. Holder
That made me think about this lady we met yesterday. Her name is Jessica. We were knocking on doors and she answered and we shared the blessing with her. It was just super spiritual. She was so curious about everything that we were and where the church was. We told her that we would come back and share with her more and that we could help her work towards being baptized. SHe was super excited and wanted us to come back on wednesday. She was really cool because she told us that she was going through a really hard time and that she was not enjoying her situtation at all. She was so grateful for the prayer. It was a really cool experince because I was the one who shared the prayer and she just loved everything I said. THe cool thing is is that It was all the spirit. I can’t wait to teach her all about the cool things we know
I am still with sis beck until tomrrow morning. Transfer meeting starts at 9 am in Plantation, FL tomorrow. So yeah, you should just send me the pages that you read in Jesus the Christ I have the book with me and I can read. I am excited to see what it says!
Yeah I am way excited for Jessica. She was just so happy after the blessing. I don’t know how to describe the spirit that was there. It was just there. Very peaceful and quiet. Happy. It was just so cool. You can always tell when they feel the spirit too. Because they ask good questions and want you to come back. Plus they usually accept the invitiation to be baptized right away. So it’s pretty cool. So we (me and the new companion) get to see her tomrrow sometime.

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