E-Mails and Photos 6/18/2012

Sister Holder in a 14 Million Dollar Home

Anyways, This week was a rough one, but I think my email to president summed it up for the most part.

Pretty much all of our investigators either dropped us or we dropped them. 2 still come to church on their own. Which is super lame. Dumb dry mormons… 😡
Anyways, Lets see some interesting things that happened. The less active part member family we found, The Wescenske’s they have a lot of damaged baggage from the past. Jackie’s oldest son stormed out when we had a lesson on faith in Christ. That was interesting. Not that he was mad at us but he wasn’t happy with God. His name is Donnie and unfortuenalty he and his parents are upset because of the death of his little brother. It was due to malpractice from the OB who is now a functioning OB in Salt lake city and is also a mormon. sigh… But they like us and want us over at their house all the time.
Something cool that happened was all the lightning storms we have had I’ll send pics. um not really a lot has happened so . yeah.
but anyways I love you all and will talk to you soon.
sis holder
Dear Pres. Anderson,
I loved at the end of your email you used 3 Nephi 5:13. we got to share that with one of our recent converts this week. He’s only 13 but he thought it was pretty cool and we got to talk about him wanting to go on a mission when he is older. It was pretty cool.
So, this week for us was super rough. We got a lot of work done, but we didn’t get the desired results we were looking for. As the week progressed we began to realize that we needed more help. We decided to fast. We were fasting to be able to follow the spirit better and to know who is truly ready to be baptized. During the time of our fast and the days that followed it seems that everything we have been working towards has fallen apart. Sunday morning before church was pretty discouraging. But Heavenly Father blessed us with little miracles yesterday. The first one was that we got to see our recent convert David bless the sacrament. He hadn’t told us he was going to and it was so beautiful to see and hear. That moment was one of the happiest that I have seen and I am truly grateful to have been apart of it. As church went on all lessons were about receiving revelation. All of the lessons helped me to know that Heavenly Father is listening to my prayers and is helping us along the way.
After church we got to do our studies. As I read the Book of Mormon all the chapters that I had read were about preaching the gospel and following the spirit. With the result being hundreds getting baptized. Once again I was reassured that Heavenly Father is aware of our situation. At the end of the night as we were harvesting, we were not finding much success. We came to a door where we noticed a Finding Faith in Christ card was hanging above the door. A woman answered and allowed us to come into her home and share a blessing. She had met missionaries before but remember the card above her door that her son had brought home. She was excited for the prayer. After we said the prayer and asked if we could come back and help her to prepare to be baptized I remember sharing with her how our message is centered in Christ and that she would be able to strengthen and build her testimony in Christ. During that moment it hit me that everything that I have to say is something Jesus Christ would approve of, because I was his representative. The woman was happy to tell us that we could come back and share with her about baptism and also with her 4 sons. She was very interested to know what we have to say.
I don’t know what this week will bring, but I am expecting miracles and many blessings. I am grateful for all the experiences that I have had this week and know that they were there to build me up.
Sis. Holder

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