E-Mails 6/11/12

So I will tell you what happened on the days of this wonderful week.
Monday- We went fishing. But not only that we went fishing on Florida’s Intercostal waters. We went and visited a member, the Boggas family. They live in a 14 million dollar home and invited us over to play! Their house is 3 stories with a 16 seat theatre, a whole flore dedicated to guest rooms. Air hockey, foo’sball, pingpong. pool, and a pier to go fishing on! This house was amazing! And fishing was so much fun.. why don’t we go fishing more often? I actually caught a fish! A little sea bass. It was so much. regardless of me being in a skirt. Which I blame on Elder Cathro. but regardless it was sooo much fun! I’ll send pic’s.
Tuesday- We had PPI’s with Pres. Anderson. They were very good. He is very happy with Sis. Beck and I and our area. But I guess we are doing so well that Pres. wants to change us up. It was a hint that he gave Sis. Beck. So This next transfer might be a change. We saw Monique. She is 100% getting baptized it just wont be until after transfer’s. She wont do it unless her husband is there. Which is super lame. So they will be going to Haiti for 2 weeks and will be back in July. Lame right? But Kevin is doing awesome and being a good influence. Or as much as a bratty 13 year-old can be. 😛 But he’s super cool. Yesterday he let us bless and teach a lesson to one of his friends on XBox Live. It was so funny, but it was good because his friend took it seriously and wants to get baptized. So we will be sending the missionaries in his area his way.
Wednesday-We were out harvesting and found the sweetest lady named Mara. She was from New York and was so nice! It was shocking yes.. people from New York out here are not generally friendly and they usually are Jewish.. Anyways she let us in without hesitation and we shared the blessing with her and she loved it and wanted to go to a new church and wants to be baptized but wants to learn. How perfect right. Well we weren’t able to get her to church yesterday because she had family come into town and surprise her, But she can’t wait to meet with us.
Thursday- We met a referral that the elders gave us. Her name was Cecillia. And she CRAZY! But super cool. She is very christian, most likely a Baptist background. I thought she was going to eat me though when I first met her. But she accepted us with open arms and we told her about baptism and coming to chruch and she was all for it. We brought her a Bible that the Elders had promised her and she started saying “I’m gonna killem!” We aren’t quite sure what she met by that but she seemed happy not mad and was so excited to read it. So… yeah…
Friday- We had lunch with the Ray family. They are members and are super cool. They took us to a place called La Bamba II It was just like La Frentera’s (sp?) It was so good. So we got to hang out with sister Ray’s kids. They were so funny! We played alien chips with eating chips and salsa and they attacked my food and stuff. It was pretty funny, but I think we were annoying the waiter. But whateves. We also taught David’s family Onide and Benu. We watched the Restoration with them and they had so many questions! It was awesome. We are so excited to teach them.
Saturday- Was boring….But I did learn lots!. I was feeling really sick that morning. So we watched the District 2 for companionship study. It talked about HOW investigators were getting to baptism instead of what we are giveing them to do to get there. It was an aha moment, because something that I don’t teach very clearly about or make known is repentacne and it’s role in conversion/ baptism. I don’t know if my investigators understand that part of what they are doing very well. So I studied up on it adn found it was something I needed to work on personally and something I need to help my investigators actually do. I don’t think I have ever asked the question. “Will you repent of your sins?” But it’s a very important question. pres. Anderson Talked about it in a traning once. I thought I got it, but apparently I didn’ t.
Sunday- We went to church. That’s always fun. We got to teach Shama a lesson and eat some Haitian meatballs at Monique and Kevin’s So YUMMY! Then we went to a braiding party for the YW who are going to camp this week. It was pretty fun. I attempted to braid one of the girls hair, but I epically failed. So i just got to talk with everyone instead.
But it was a very good week, and this week it should be even better! 🙂
It sounds like you have had a crazy week yourselves.. Rats and taking care of childrens loans. The temple sounds amazing Mike. I can’t wait to go again! I am jealous of all the cool thing that you learn from working there.
Mom, you made it sounds like you didn’t have spiritual experiences but you had amazing ones. Tithing is a powerful thing! Please tell that to my investigators. :p
Sis Holder
Dear Pres. Anderson,
This past week has been one full of fun experiences! We had a lot of fun with the zone harvest this week and started the week off strong. We found amazing people too. But one of the coolest experiences we had harvesting this week was just the other night. We had an appointment fall through and decided to go and check on a few potentials. We were in a really nice neighborhood that we hadn’t had success in harvesting before. But Sis. Beck had a prompting to go knock in a culdasac that we had driven by. We turned around and said a prayer and went to the first door. A man opened the door, we introduced ourselves and he told us that we could talk to his wife. His wife came to the door and invited us in and allowed us to share the prayer with some of her family. After the prayer we opened our eyes and there were about 4 more people that had entered the room since we had started. We stood up and started talking with them when the woman, Jackie, asked us where we were from. We started to tell her we were “from the Church of Jesus…” she stopped us and told us that she already knew that but wanted to know what part of Utah we were from.Automatically I thought, “Oh no a member I don’t recognize!” Turns out that her and her family just moved here from Keanrs Utah and she is the only member of her family of 8. She had no idea where the was a chapel and wanted us to come and teach her family about the church because none of them were baptized. We have been praying for a family to work with! We feel that this is the family we have been looking for.
This week we had a good experience with the Book of Mormon. We have been teaching a family that had been introduced to the Book of Mormon. The Wife has read it once, but didn’t really get anything out of it. We had challenged her and her husband to read it again. But this time to pray and to have desires to know that it is true. when we visited them this week. They told us how they had been reading. Cindy had only read the introduction and Joseph Smith testimony, but she told us how she loved it and that she wants to keep reading more. She told us how she is excited to have a different experience reading it a second time. I’ve also been trying to build my testimony in the Book of Mormon. The more I focus on building my testimony the more I see others accepting it more as we teach. It has been a cool experience. 🙂
Anyways, we are excited for a new week. Sis. Beck and I have chosen a few things that we want to work on this week and we are excited to go out there and share them.
Thanks so much!
Sis. Holder


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