E-Mails 6/4/2012

Hey Family,
I am sorry to say that I do not have enough time to write a good email… We had to do a survey for our email time and it took quite a chunk. Plus having to read the ones you sent. So I do apologize.
But What seemed to be a rough week turned out well by Sunday. Monique is still working on getting baptized, we got a hold of our Spanish family and we found new people to work with. I just tell you a little bit about yesterday. In the morning Sis. Beck and I woke up more tired than usual and were not excited to start the day. But we rolled ourselves out of bed and attempted to get ready for rounding people up for church. This is the most interesting and worst part of a Sunday. Banging on peoples doors at 8am and calling their phones and ringing doorbells. Sometimes people hate us after that. But we do it anyway. So we went to Monique and she told us she wasn;t coming cause her brother invited her to go to his haitian church… lame plus she was taking Kevin with her. Even more lame. We went to go check on a new family that said they would come. They were up and hopping in the shower. At like 830am perfect! Tibitha and Rebekah. Tabitha worked until about 8am, but she said she was coming to church. We were so excited! Then we saw David walking to church so that he could be there ontime for his confirmation! It was a beautiful sight. So instead of stressing out we just made our way to the church and let what ever was going to happen, happen. So Tabitha and Rebekah came. David was confirmed and also recieved the aaronic priesthood! AYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! And we had a miracle happen when David’s wife and brother in-law showed up! WOOTWOOT! Also the Elders had an investigator come that sister beck and I got to work with. And she was so beautiful. She was so happy to be there 🙂 After church we went to dinner with the Fechik family. I was mauled with grandma kisses by bro fechiks mother. They have a son on a mission in Independance Missouri So they love having us over and feeding us huge meals that make my tummy feel liek its going to explode. It’s always fun to go there. They have 5 dogs and they are adorable. After that we had an awesome lesson with monique and she is going to teach us how to make Haitain Cuisine. GREO!! SO yummy! After we went to Davids, but they werent ready for us so we went and met some new baptismal dates! YES! and with some of our new investigators. They are aweosme. Then we went to Davids. They had a birthday party for Davids 1 yr old nephew. They packed about 40 haiatins and sis beck and I into a tiny 3 bedroom apartment. They gave us the hugest plate of food you ever saw adn a can of coke… it’s starting to taste good. It was super fun though. They love us so much now and I can’t wait until they all get baptized! And that was our whole sunday. We get to go fishing today… My first time fishing will be in a skirt, but it will be fishing at a multi-million dollar home with an elevator! I’ll give you moer details later. 🙂
I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you!
Sis. Holder


Dear Pres. Anderson,


This week seemed pretty tough but we ended up finishing strong. We have had a lot of disapointments with some of our investigsators. Theyhaven’t been keeping their commitments or they have no urgency to progress. But as we have been working on ways to help them progress we have been blessed with so many people who are accepting the gospel.


One miracle that we have seen is from our recent convert, David. His family who was seemingly against the church have been gettign themselves to church and inviting us to their home to learn about what David knows. It has been a really neat experience where we are seeing surprises from his family all the time! Also, we had an awesome experience with our investigator Monique. She has been having a hard time and hasn;t quite been able to grasp why it is that we leave committments with her. Yesterday we went over to share a lesson with her. She started asking amazing questions about the Atonement and forgiveness. We shared with her Alma 7:11-12 and Alma 36. It was a powerful lesson that she was able to recieve comfort and answers to some of her questions. She gaisn more understanding everytime we share with her something from the Book of Mormon and we can see her progress.


I have been working on increasing and strengthening my testimony in the Restoration. It has been an awesome experience where I get to use the Book of Mormon and see the manuy blessings and miracles that come from following it’s guidance.


Sis. Beck has also been an awesome example to me this week of her testimony in the Restoration.


We were able to share the Restoration lesson with one of the families that we are working with. The family loved the lesson and was so grateful to have the oppertunity to read the Book of Mormon. Sis. Beck and her testimony are what were one of the most powerful points in the lesson and I was grateful to be there to experience it.


Thanks 🙂


Sis. Holder


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