E-Mail and Photos 5/29/2012

Ok… You all sound super depressed.
I mean. I thought I was having a bad week, but compared to that I am having a wonderful week. I want to tell you about the cool experience that Sis. Beck and I had regarding the email that I sent President. But I think I will wait and write it in a letter. It took me so long to write that letter to President. Sis. Beck and I had a rough week. Our ward is not very supportive of us baptizing and they give us a really hard time about it and say jabbing comments that make us have to bite our tongues. But we still baptize regardless. Our spanish family hasn’t been in contact with us the whole week and they didn’t come to church. But Kevin’s mom came and she was giving us a hard time. But she was tehre. She will get baptized. It’s just a matter of when. She’s going to be headed of to Haiti. She doesn’t really have any urgency and it is so hard to meet with her. She forgets about our appointments or she sleeps through them. The best thing to happen to us this week was davids baptism. It was a miracle. I think I will have to write you a letter.
But keep hangin in there! I am grateful for the love and support that you give me! I’ll send a letter πŸ™‚
Love you my wonderful parents! You are the best.

During a storm. I have to back the car up cause I’m the passenger

The water is up to my ankles

Davids baptism

Dear Pres. Anderson,
So this past week has been one of learning and growing for us.
We had an investigator fall right into our lap. His name is David from Haiti. For the past year he had been taking discussions from the missionaries there and was finally ready to be baptized.The day he was to be baptized and confirmed he was coming here to Florida. The missionaries instructed him to wait until he got here. It took him 2 weeks to find the church which was down the street from his home. He went one night and met a member from our ward who contacted us. We immediately went to his home to find him. When we met with him it was amazing to see how prepared he was. He bore his testimony of how he knew the church was true and couldn’t wait to get baptized! We realized though, he didn’t speak English well and passed him to the Creole Elders. 2 days later they explained to us that he wanted to be apart of the English ward so he could learn English. We were excited and his English wasn’t that bad. We told our ward and planned for the baptism to be the following weekend, the 27th. Unfortunately, the ward was not completely supportive. They had many concerns because nobody had met David and he didn’t speak English well. We were pressured to move his baptismal date to the 3rd. Both Sis. Beck and I were torn. We said many prayers and that night had a personal study with the Book of Mormon. We then said another prayer which was a powerful experience and came to the conclusion that we needed David to decide the day he should be baptized. We went to his home and he didn’t care what day. He just wanted to be baptized.So we all agreed on the 3rd of June, but as the week went on we didn’t feel comfortable with the decision. It was only more confirmed when our Zone Leaders challenged us to baptize him on the 27th. The night they gave us the challenge we were upset. We both prayed and studied more. I decided to read the Book of Mormon and was given a slew of scriptures that pretty much told me. “Baptize NOW!” We both agreed. He was baptized on Sunday and it was amazing. πŸ™‚
Sis. Holder

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