E-Mail 5/21/2012

Mother… In your email to me you said.. “I love you SON…” I am not sure how I feel about that. 😛
Anyways… This week for me has been beyond amazing. There were so many miracles and blessing that I can’t believe that they even happened. But before I get to that part I wanted to talk about the whole blessing thing that you were talking about.
I just want you to know that I notice the blessings that you have every time you send an email. Yes, all 3 of us are here out on our missions. That is a blessing, but I see more than that. You have been learning so much about the temple and about the Atonement and the basic principles of the gospel. Which is an even greater blessing. Do you know how many people don’t even know/understand the 5 basic principles of the gospel. There are way too many. There are even more that don’t even know that God is a loving God. Just the other day we had a lesson with one of our newer investigators. He told us that the Plan of Salvation wasn’t possible and that there is no wya that there could be a Spirit World because everybody who is on the earth already had there oppertunity to know Jesus Christ and since they don’t know that Jesus Christ is the Savior that they will all just go to hell. Your understanding of the gospel is the blessings that you receieve and I see everytime you send an email. I love hearing about all the things that you learn and I keep note of it all. You will receiev Spiritual and Temporal blessings while we are all out here on missions. Just like God is taking care of us out here, He will definately take care of you there.
Speaking of blesings. We had so many miracles happen this week. The spanish family we found came to church on Sunday and loved it! They can’t wait to have us come over to there home and to come back next week. The only thing with them is that we may have to have a wedding for July and Javie. I don’t think that they are married. But we are so excited for them! July’s son Ivan thinks that he is an Atheist but he isn’t really. Their whole family rocks. The Hindu family, no matter how much we banged on there door that before church they would not wake up. We called them and rang the door bell like 30 times and nothing. Another blessing is that there was a lady that called us the other night when we were out harvesting (tracting). Her name is Janice and she was askign about church and amoung other things. She finally told us that her sister was a member in Delaware and that she wants to learn about it so her and her son can get baptized. How sweet is that!? Also, yesterday 8 out of our 10 baptismal dates came to church! It was so crazy! WE are rocking it up in Coral Springs! Kevin’s mom is very silly and dropped Kevin off for church yesterday, but didn’t actually stay herself…… so that was super lame. But we set her with a new baptismal date and she promised to come to church every sunday until then. Sis. Beck and I are doing really well with the work and are having so much fun! We go and find amazing people and teach them. We have zone conference tomorrow which should be fun. I love them. We get to hangout with the West Palm zone. Sis. Hong finally got moved from Davie to W. Palm. We have a few new people in our zone. A new missionary. Elder Dean, Zone Leader Elder Odar-Barrabosa and Elder Grant came up from Ft. Lauderdale. So we have a pretty fun zone still. Anyways.. I have been learning a lot about anger and adversity. Boy have people out here been testing my patience. Mom, your not the only one that has anger issues. I have had many oppertunities to be humble… I hate it. Number one no offense but white people are super mean and vicious. I have never been yelled at so much in my life by people that I dont know. People started really ticking me off after I had done a lot of reading in Alma. Alma and his bretheren went through so many trials and kept level heads I hav eno idea how they did. And they were getting spit on and stuff. You just have to take it in and move forward. Let God take care of everything. The other thing is that we are going through a refining process. you getting broken down then built back up. over and over again. So Mom. please be patient. I know how you feel.
Anyways I lvoe you both. Have a great week!
Sis. holder
Dear Pres. Anderson,
I loved everything about miracles and blessing that you had put in your e-mail, because that is all that happened to Sis. Beck and I this week! There we so many miracles, I don’t even know where to start.
Last week we had found the sweetest family while harvesting. It just so happened that the mother was looking for a church and “poof” there we were. She explained to us that her son also claimed to be atheist and didn’t believe in God. It’s a concern in the whole family. We explained how we were there to help. Later in the week we returned and shared a message of the Gospel and how they can, together as a family, work on getting baptized. They willing accepted the invitation including her son! They came to church on Sunday and had a great time learning and enjoyed the spirit. We are so excited for this family! Also, this week we met an awesome man named David. He came from Haiti 2 weeks ago. He had found the chapel which was just down the street from his home and left his information with one of the members. We went to go visit him. Turns out he had been working with the missionaries for a year in Haiti and the day he was supposed to get confirmed for his baptism was the day he came to America. The missionaries there told him to wait until he came here to Florida and to find the missionaries. He can’t wait to get baptized! These are just two of the amazing things to happen to us this week.
There were so many miracles and blessings that we received this week that Sis. Beck and I are just amazed at all of them. We are excited to have this new week to work with and to have Coral Springs just blossom. Sis. Beck and I have also been having a lot of fun just learning together and from each other. She is an amazing companion who helps me out so much.
Thank you for all the encouragement!
Sis. Holder


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