E-Mail and Photos 5/15/2012

So not much has happened since I talked to you on Sunday. Oh wait.. .Trasmfers. ๐Ÿ˜› I forgot. Both Sis. Beck adn I STAY! That is exactly what we wanted. Though, I did want to train. But I guess I will do that later. Maybe my last transfer. Who knows. Anyways. There aren’t too many changes going on in our zone. We are getting a new Zone Leader and another missionary. So that should be fun. One of my favorite Elders, Elder Perrotti is leaving tomorrow. He is this crazy Brazillian who is beyond trunky. He is a pretty cool Elder though. We made plans for him to come out to Utah in the winter time so we can go snowboarding. Anyways. Yesterday we found this super sweet family. It’s a mom and her 3 kids. They have been looking for a church and one of her son’s doesn’t believe in God. She was very excited to have us coem visit her and share the blessing with her. We will be seeing her later this week. Today we are going to be having an epic game of dodgeball and we are making sandwhiches for the Elders. When Enoze told us she was moving she went out and bought us a ton of food to enjoy as a present for visiting her. She bought CostCo size portions of food for us. So today should be awesome. But it is a day where we have to say good bye. Unfortunately, since niether of us are transfering we will not be going to transfer meeting to find out where everybody is going. So that’s lame. Anyways. I loved talking to you on Sunday. It was funny though. It felt very natural. I loved the artical about Kristie! She is so pretty and amazing. Please tell them I say hello!
So there are two kids sitting next to me. Jamell and Jarmain. They are playing Battlefield II. It is so funny because Sis. Beck and are sitting inbetween them. So they are playing this game and they are using us to help them beat eachother. It is so funny. Cause they are yelling at eachother and are laughing and giggling. It is so funny!
Yeah. So I dont have much to say so… yeah. I love you tons.
Sis. Holder
Dear Pres. Anderson,
This past week I was able to study the same thing that you shared in your email this week. Sis. Beck and I have been through quite a trial with our investigator Josh, who fro some reason refuses to get baptized. He has passed his interview and has shared his testimony with us. Every week we recommit to be baptized, but he does not follow through. It has been a major trial that we have been working with and we are not sure what else we can do to help him. So, as I studied this week about trials and the AtonementIt broke my heart to know that Josh isn’t allowing himself to enjoy the blessings of the Gospel. But something that I have been able to gain out of it is a stronger testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel. There is no way I could deny the things I learned. I try to see things the way Josh does in his decision to not get baptized now. But I can’t I simply don’t understand. I would have been baptized weeks ago. I know that there will be blessings from the diligent work that we have been doing. I have seen many already. For this past transfer we have been wanting to find a family that was being prepared for the gospel. Over the past couple of weeks we have been finding families to work with. Including yesterday we found a mom and her 3 children who have been looking for a church. We shared with them our purpose and and they we so happy to have us there. They are excited to have us come back this week to help them to get closer to Christ and prepare to be baptized. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am happy to be here for another 6 weeks. Especially with Sis. Beck!
Thank you for everything ๐Ÿ™‚
Sis. Holder

Coconuts for mother’s day

I caught a baby duck that I later found out that I broke the law and may have cause it to have a death sentence. not only that it pooped on my and the mama duck bit me

I caught a lizard as part of the RAF(Random Acts of Faith) challenge to get 2 extra bonus points.

Jamiacan Cusine

Sis. Beck using a machette on a coconut


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