E-Mail May 7, 2012

The weeks are going by so fast. This is the last week of the transfer and on Monday we have transfer call. So I wont email you until Tuesday. I don’t know what is happening to the time but it’s slipping out of my fingers. Plus, this month is my year marker on the 25th… isn’t that crazy!?!?!?!?!? I can’t even belive it. And at the end of this transfer 2 of my favorite Eders are going home!!! Elder Perrotti and Elder Hansen. What is going on????? And this past week didn’t have as many memorable moments. Somethings that stuck out to me…  #1 For P day last week Sis. Beck and I had a chill day and stayed at home. We pulled out the pullout bed and watched the testaments and wrote letters. Then we took a nap. It was fun though. #2 We met withour investigator Shawna. She is super sweet! But she gave me a prophecy about my future love life. She made me blush so bad that I had to hide my face behind my scriptures. We had just had a very spiritual restoration lesson and she was asking us about missionary life. And out of the blue she starts talking about how when I go home that when “he” asks me out I should say “yes” and to not eat the seafood. I was confused. The she started telling me how he is like my best freind and all these crazy things. Sis. Beck and I were laughing so hard and I was so red in the face it was funny. Shawna made me write these things down so I would be able to look back at them when the time is right. 😛 #3 We are teching this super amazing Hindu family that wants there kids to come to church with us and not with them. They have a very interesting belief. They pray to their “gods” as different sectors of God. So they claim not to worship idols, but they are. But they are. They want us to come back and teach their kids about Christ and they invited us over for Mother’s Day. We are going to have a Hindu feast and celebration! I’m super excited. #4 Shama and Kevin are now confirmed members of the church and are holding strong! They stress me out beyond belief. It is always a constant struggle to make sure they are being taken care of. But They are both happy and I am too. #5 I got to have a roast for Sunday dinner that reminded me of home. It was so crazy! It was practically the same thing you make on Sunday’s. It was unreal. The only thing that was different were the rolls. #6 We went to have an appointment with Shama and she wasn’t home. So we went and hunted her down. We found out she was at a fair at the nearby elementary school. So we went. We enjoyed hanging out with the little ones and got cotton candy and snowcones. It was pretty fun.
Ok About Josh.. he’s a stinker. So we might go and invade his personal space and show up at his door. What happens after that who know’s. He knows that he needs to be baptized he just wont do it. So it’s super lame. Enoze and Shatina are doing alright. They are both less active members. We met with Enoze the other day and she disclosed more to us. She recieved a preisthood blessing after we met with her. We hope it helps. She worries us though. Shatina is doing better and she is just amazing. Both of them are amazing mothers a power house woman. I learn a lot from them. Anyways that was pretty much my week.
Dear Pres. Anderson,
It is so cool to see that our mission is going above and beyond! Hearing about all the miracles that are happening all over our mission is such a motivation to continue to work my hardest. The other day Sis. Beck and I were harvesting. We were having a lot of success. As it came closer to our next appointment Sis. Beck said, “One last door.” So we knocked on it and nobody answered. As we were walking away from the door a couple came out to their car and were talking so we walked over to them and spoke with them. They very quickly hopped in the car and ignored us. As we were about to head out to our car we decided that we would knock one more door. Behind the door was a lady talking on the phone with her sister. She allowed us to introduce ourselves. Immediately she told her sister that we were going to pray. Her sister kept trying to tell her to call her back later, but May told her that she could always make time for God. So we shared the blessing with May and her sister who was on the phone. It was a powerful blessing. She is excited to have us come back and share with her and her granddaughter and to continue to learn about the message of the restored gospel.
It was an awesome experience. Sis. Beck and I are working on having experiences like this and increasing the spirit so that we can find those who are elect. We have been having fun learning about how we can make each blessing better and more powerful than the last.
Sis. Beck is an awesome companion! She is always helping me to be better and to have fun. We are excited for this next week and the fun missionary adventures that we will be having. I am loving the work here in Coral Springs 🙂
Sis. Holder

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