E-Mails 4/23/2012

Dear Pres. Anderson,
This past week has been crazy! But Sis. Beck and I have had a lot of fun. We have found some amazing people this week that we are so excited to work with. Plus, we had the oppertunity to prepare ourselves for Shama’s baptism. Which was amazing. It seemed like everything was going wrong up until she got baptized. Sis. Beck and I was so happy to have you and Sis. Anderson there. It was a great comfort. The baptism was beautiful and Shama is so happy and is excited to get confirmed this upcoming Sunday. Later in the day we had amazing exeprineces while harvesting. This whole week we have been praying for the oppertunity to find families that are prepared to receieve the gospel and prepare to be baptized. Most of the week we found individual, but we really wanted famileies. So yesterday we headed out to harvest after an appointment we had cancelled. The first person we contacted was a woman taking care of her 3 year old grandson who was going on rampage around the neighborhood on an ATV. We asjed the woman if we coul dhelp her out. Sis. Beck suggested that she could race the young boy to his house and win. He took the challenge. They raced to his house, where he recieved a prize of a pass a long card. The woman was grateful to have him off the ATV and we began to share with her and offered the blessing. It was a spiritfilled blessing that she enjoyed and was happy to have us come back later in the week. As we continued on with harvesting we found 3 more amazing families where powerful blessings were shared. We are excited to return to all appointments this week.
Something that was brought to our attention this week from the ward was that they are concerned about how quickly we baptize. They have been asking if it is possible to wait up to 4 weeks to baptize. The past 6 baptisms they have had in Coral Springs are less active or inactive. We have reassured them that we are confident and full of faith in the poeple we are working. We are working on getting better at making sure that the ward is as involved as possible. The ward is trying their best to give us their full support, but there are still concerns. We will continue to work as closely with the ward as possible to help eleviate the concerns.
Sis. Beck and I have been studying and working together to do our best to help the ward and the people in our area. I have learned so much from her. She has such an amzing testimony and is a wonderful teacher. We are excited for this new week to work hard and to have baptisms on Sunday.
Thanks for everything you do for us.
Sis. Holder
So this week had some crazy stuff. 😛
I will go all the way back to Monday. So we had a zone activity. We played volleyball and dodgeball with the whole zone. It was so much fun. Sis. Beck and I are the only sisters in our zone, which I like way more because there isn’t so much girly stuff going. I love playing sports rather than shopping. Anyways, the Elders can be scary though. They get so into the game that I was afraid I was going to have prints on my face from the ball. But it was still super fun. I really like my zone. There are a bunch of random personalities so it makes it an interesting. Ok so right now there is this guy that named Breon that is sitting next to me. He is asking me tons of questions about who we are and. He is making this super difficult. But I see him getting baptized. ~sigh~
Anyways. We had a BAPTISM!!! YAY! Shama the young girl that I sent pictures of got baptized yesterday! Let me tell you that it was an insane day. Number one. The ward is not exstatic about us baptizing people in 2 weeks. So they have been giving us a had time. But they still allow us to baptize. It’s funny because this week I got to study oppositiopn and persecution in Mosiah and Alma. It was just preparing me for the rest of the transfer. Number two. Shama had a break down jsut before her baptism. So while we were trying to help her out and comfort her. Some crazy spanish ladies from the latin ward were hackling in the bathroom. I wanted to tell them to leave, but it wasn’t possible. So we were finally able to get her to put the baptism suit on and walk her out. She was so nervouse the whole time. But she did it and it was beautiful! Plus. Pres. and Sis. Anderson came. That was a major comfort and blessing, I felt like they were our major support. I love them tons! They are amazing. Anyways. We had a lot of fun this week. we got to go to a YuGiOh store earching for one of our less actives. It was super awkard. We got in there and expecting some big sore with a bunch of nerds in it. WE walk in and there was nobody in a very tiny square with a bunch of cards. and junk food everywhere. Ben (the less active) was not there. The dude who owned the store (big white guy) asked “can I help you?” We awkardly looked around and said “no” and told him we were going to buy some candy. So I got starburst and she got airheads and we quickly removed ourselves from the store. We have been laughing about it all week. Then after that we were driving to an appointment and some a ton of people hanging around a canal. It could only mean one thing! AN ALLIGATOR! So sis. beck hurries the car around and pulls infront of a bunch of people and asks if everything is ok? and whats going on. They looked at us funny and said. “nothing” Some lady was just taking a picture and got our hope up for nothing. yesterday after shamas baptsim. We got a call from the Creole elders telling usthat they were passing a baptismal date to us. And that they had an appointment with him that they wanted us to go to so they could pass him off. Passes where 2 sets of missionaries is awkard. So we get there… a half hour late because of the short notice of the appoitnmetn. we get there and it is this adorable 13 yr old kid. who hadnet had the oppertunity to put his pants on and was chillin in his boxers when we showed up. he scrambled and wrapped himself in a sheet like a ghost and wouldnt come out for the longest time. Anyways he finally came out fully dressed and we began the lesson with 4 missionaries. So yeah this kid is more than prepared to get baptized. HE told us when he was getting baptized and how he wanted it to go down and that he wanted to go over the baptismal interview questions just to make sure he understood them. He’s a mini genius and hilarious. We were grateful to get him. But i thnk the elders are a little sad that they dont get to be aprat of it. But ohwell I will tell you how it goes next week. Ok that’s all i get to write. my time was cut short since the dude next to me wants to talk about the gospel. sigh. I love you

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