E-Mail 4/16/2012

So this week has been so crazy! Sis. Beck and I have gone on a few adventures.
I sent pictures of them or some of them anyways.
So cool thing number one. On monday night we went to go visit this family that is really hard to get a hold of. We had an amazing lesson about the Plan of Salvavtion. And they are just so sweet! We invited them to be baptized this month and they all accepted. So now we have to work really hard to get the ready to be baptized this month! It’s going to be ridiculous cause the dad, Ernst, is a truck driver. But we are excited! No I did not spell his name wrong by the way. He is Hatian. So there is Ernst, Beata and Lindsay. Then we have had amazing lessons with Josh and Shama all week! They are both still good to go for April 22nd to be baptized! They are both super excited as well. In fact. It was a miracle. Josh told us he wouldn’t be able to come to church yesterday. But we told him that he needs to come and that he has to find a way. We said prayers and just believed that he would be there. Sunday morning rolled around and we hadn’t really heard from him. But just before Sacrament, he texted us and said to save him a seat. He enjoyed every minute of it! He is such a cool guy. He’s from Kansas and is an IT guy for doctors offices. He is also an amazing artist! I hope that he draws stuff for Sis. Beck and I. 🙂 It’s really cool. The way he found out about the church was because he went to go visit his counsin in Miami and his cousin was being taught by the YSA missionaries there. So he sat in on a lesson. So they reffered him to us and now he’s going to get baptized. I think his cousin is too. Shama we met while knocking (Harvesting) on doors. Super cool and way funny! We are all like best friends and she loves learning about the church. And she is so sincere and really wants to get baptized. She has the most amazing prayers. Let’s see what else. We also ran into a dude named Mathew. He proceeded to read us information about the church from a book about Cults. Basically he told us we were part of a racist cult and he kept asking us question after question. It was super annoying. Both Sis. Beck and I felt very attacked, but handle the situation without knocking anybodies teeth out or anything. I was surprisingly calm. Usually I have my fists clentched and my companion has to help me walk away. But we were nice and gave him the mormon.org website and told him to read the book of mormon. And then we went out for some forzen yogurt amd hung out by a pond for a little bit. We felt much better after that. Um. We have been working with a less active named Enoze and saturday night she told us pretty much her life story. We spent 2 1/2 hours crying and praying. Enoze is a single mother of 5 young children and has been in the worst of circumstances since she was a child. A life full of abuse and neglect. After our visit with her I now have a much more profound understanding of the Atonement. Have you read this Aprils Ensign yet? David A Bednare has an amazing talk about the Atonement and then there is a talk following his about the Arms of His Love. Both of these talks and my experience with Enoze have been quite the learning experience. Every week I have an even greater understanding from multiple perspectives about the Atonement. You should read them. They are amazing. Oh and on Sunday we had someone walk into the church and tell us he has been looking for a new church for him and his family and remembered this Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints from when he lived in Haiti. So now he will be coming to church and meeting with us. He gon get ba’tized with his family! YAY!!!! 🙂 This past week has been full of miracles and all kinds of crazy things. We are super excited for this week and especially the baptisms that we will be having.
It sounds like you have been having a crazy week yourselves with the washer and work and things. I’m not going to lie mom. I was cracking up laughing reading about you getting sprayed with laundry water from the pipes. It was pretty funny. 😛 Mike once again I am jealous of your Temple experineces. I can;t wait to go to the temple. It’s so cool when we send our recent converts to the temple and they come back and tell us all about the experience.
Oh I just rememebred that Sis. Beck and I went to a plat for Enoze’s daughter this week. We got there a little late. The play had already started. We spotted her daughter on the stage and had been taking pictures and enjoying the play and having fun. At the end of the play we went up to congratulate Shanija for doing such a great job. We hollered at her adn called for her but she ignored us. When she came by us a second time we went to call her name when a woman who looked just like her walked off with her. We then realized that that wasn’t Shanija. She wasn’t there at all. We felt like total creepers. We had been taking pictures and having fun with all these kids and we didn’t even know a single person there. yep it was so much fun!
Anyways that was my week.
Love you guys!
Sis. Holder
Oh yes Sis. Hawkes is just another missionary that I went on exchanges with. Sis. Pack is still in Nova. So She is in Plantation, FL still. It’s just me and Sis. Beck now and we love it!! We are the only Sis. in our district and our Zone! It’s the best.
Dear Pres. Anderson,
This week Sis. Beck have seen little miracles happeneing all around us. Simply harvesting every day for an hour we have been reaching beyond our goal. We have, by small degrees, been finding new people. This past week did not go as I expected it to go. The previous week was so amazing that I was expecting another. When many kinks showed up in our plans for the week I began to think that the previous week was just lucky. But as Sunday rolled around I saw many miracles. One of our Investigators who is preparing to be baptized this upcoming weekend had told us he wouldn’t be able to make to church. Both Sis. Beck and I refused to believe that he wouldn’t come and encouraged him to find a way. That morning he texted us and told us to save him a seat. He enjoyed every minute of it. A member brought her non-member father who is wanting to know more and wants to keep coming. We now are teaching him. And we had a man walk into the church who is excited to bring his family this next week and to meet with us so that him and his family can learn more about the gospel. There are so many blessings and miracles happening. The more they happen the more I understand obedience. The more I want to improve my skills and be a better missionary.
Sis. Beck and I are having a wonderful time figuring our area out and working together to make miracles happen. Sis. Beck is an amazing companion that I am learning so much from.
I am excited for a enw week and the things that we will learn.
Thank you so much!
Sis. Holder


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