E-Mail 4/8/2012

Hey Family!
So yes I have officially been transferred. I am now serving in the area of Coral Springs, Florida. It is only 20-30 min. north of Davie, but it is totally different! I am now companions with Sis. Beck! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! We had been praying to be companions! Ok so Coral Springs is toatally different. Davie is either the rich of the rich or the poor of the poor and a ton of Jewish. Coral Springs is like all black and latin people and mostly middle class. Which I love. That means really cute families that are wanting the gospel. Woot woot!
I love here. So at transfer meeting I nearly died when they announced my name with Sis. Becks. I was so happy!!!!!! It was the time of my life. I wasn’t sure if it was real, but it is. Sis. Beck and I lived in the same appartment when she was companions with Sis. Pack. Now we are reunited. We have had quite an amazing week. That first night we were together we found an amazing 13 yr old that is wanting to get baptized. Her name is Shama and she is so ready. She even came to church on Sunday by herself. The next day we were on exchanegs. I went out with Sis. Hawkes and Sis Beck went with Sis Pack. It was a very spiritual experience from the beggining. I had such a hard time in Davie. I guess I was slightly bitter about it. Sis. Hawkes and I went over my time there. Pretty much I cried the whole time. We talked about how all the hard things I went through while there were to build me up for the rest of my mission. I beleive that. And I appreciate everything I learned. But I never want to have the experience again. But I can already see the blessings from all that I have learned working here in Coral Springs. Sis. Hawkes and I had a lot of fun while we went out for the day. #1 I didn’t know the what, where or who. I had been in Coral Springs for less than 24 hours. So it was an adventure, but we met some amazing people and a super cool guy named Codrados. He’s the sweetest guy. We left the blessing with him and invited hime to be baptized. So now he will be getting baptized 😛 He loves everything we tell him. And he wants to learn more all the time. He has such an amazing desire. The remainder of the day was knocking on doors. That was pretty funny. Since niether of us new the area we had no idea what members lived where. So we knocked into 2 of them not knowing who they were. Sis. Hawkes is good at playing it cool. I don’t know if they could tell that we were trying to decipher whether or not they were memebers. It was hilarious though. We just laughed about it with the other sisters later. That evening we had a meeting with a new investigator named Josh. Super sweet 30 yr old guy that accidently sat in on a lesson from the Miami Beach YSA who are teaching his cousins. He was interested and wanted to learn more. So we had ana amazing lesson with him of the Restoration. He loved it so much that he kept wanting to know more. He also accepted a baptismal date for the 21st. He came to church and loved everything about it. So the exchanges were good. I loved it. The rest of the week was full of miracles we met so many amazing people and reached all of our goals just about. For the mission we exceeded more than 1000 blessings and are working on helping make happen more than 100 baptism for the month. Our mission is booming right now. On Easter Sunday we had an amazing day. We had 6 investigators and 1 investigator to be at church. The ward I am in is amazing and so loving. They treat everybody like family. Sis. Beck and I got to teach the Gospel Principles class and that was a cool expereince. I have done it a hundred times, but it was different this past Sunday. I chose to speak about faith and the atonement. It became an amzing discussion on how we can increase our faith and access the atonement. 2 of our Investigators were there for it and they loved it. I got to share my testimony. It was so cool. I am developing my teaching skills. I’m starting to love teaching. Before it was just alright. But anyways that is how my week has been. It sounds like the templ eis amazing and I am slightly jealous that you get to have fun going every week. I get to go… at the end of my mission. 😛 You’ll do great in the endowment session. Just pretend that you know what your doing. Thats what I do. Eventually you catch on. 😛 Mom. You and I are way too alike. Throwing a tempertantrum is what it sounds like you did and I do that here. More than I should. But I now know where it came from. On days like that I just have to focus on Christ. Think about it. sing a song about create a happy place and say a prayer. It works wonders. Anyways. I love you. got to run.
Sis. Holder

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