E-Mail 4/3/2012

Hey Family,
Ok I got shorted on time today Please forgive me 🙂
So this week is transfers…. Sister Holder…………………….. TRANSFERS!!!!!! It Is quite ridiculous. I have been in Davie since Sept. 7th and now they are booting me out to who knows where. And actually they have dashed all the zones and are moving them around. We onyl have 2 new Elders coming in but it is a once in a lifetime transfer that will be happening. So it’s pretty exciting. Sis. Hong will be staying in Davie and.. I am happy and sad. I love the are but it is totally kicking my butt. I have been frustrated and cried a lot. So I am happy to go, but i am sad because there are so many amazing people I dont want to leave them. But I’ll let you know next week where it is that I will end up. Ok General Conference was amazing! I had written myself questions that I was hoping would be answered this weekend and wouldn’t you know it. The very first talk knocked out the first 2 questions and then the others were answered through out that session. My mind was blown. I think one of my favorite talks was By Brother?Elder? Hallstrom. I also loved Dieter F. Uchtdorf. This conference I was looking for how I could love people more and how I can develop more charity. Something that I realized was that I need to understand the Hevanely father and Jesus Christ better. How do they love us so much? I’m still trying to comprehend it. It was interesting, because after Saturday night ended up being very terrible for me. I couldn’t fall asleep cause I was crying too much. So I starting thinking about Jesus Christ and how He loves us so much. So this was a cool experience. I had come to my mind that Christ came to me while I was laying there and pat my head and tell me that everything was going to be ok and that I was very loved and that god was looking out for me too. I fell asleep to that image and it was a good thing cause the next day was still super hard. Of course during conference was amazing. But the rest of the day sucked. But i remember that experience and it made everything better so. It’s interesting I never really imagined Jesus Christ . I never really thought about him as an actual person here to comfort me. It was an answer to one of my questions. Cool huh? Anyways So Angel and Mike Anderson had Sis. Hong and I over for the last session of conference. It was so fun. They made all this wonderful food and put conference on the big screen. Angel had us pain our nails while we watched. It was amazing. I’ll be sad to leave them. They took such good care of me. It was home away from home.
Anyways this transfer has gone by fast and has put me through the ringer, but it was great to end it on Conference weekend. Oh our mission had 106 baptism for the month of march…. but Sis. Hong and I did not directly contribute. But we did work so hard. We have been doing well together. It will be interesting to get a new companion though. I’m a little worried but the assistance assured me that they were looking out for me. So we will see what happens.
Anyways that is all I can think of for now. I love you and cant wait to hear from you!
Sis Holder


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