E-Mail 2/27/2012

Hey so I thought it was super interesting that you watched “Atlas Shrugged”. Or whatever it is. But when I was in AP English we studied Ayn Rand and my favorite book of hers was “Anthem”. It’s only 90 pages but it has a pretty cool setup. The movie was crap if I remember right but the message behind it was pretty interesting. I love what you found in the scriptures about all of that. There have been some interesting things that I have come across reading in Mosiah and Alma. and other places that I can not remember, but it’s kinda scary and cool all at the same time, But you can definitely tell that the second coming is close, because the world is going to crap. Anyways, So this past week was uneventful really. We did normal missionary stuff. Nothing really out of the normal. We just said good bye to all the missionaries who went home and i forgot to tell you that we had a funeral for them before we left. I sent a picture, but it was totally awesome. It was so much fun. I hope they hold one for me when I leave 🙂 So Sis. HONG and I have a goal to have 10 baptisms this month. We are super excited for it and are going to be working hard to accomplish it. We have pretty much made a plan for how we are going to make it happy. Simply. We will only focus on people who have the desire to be baptized. That seems obvious, but it can be a real challenge half the time. The plan should work wonderfully. As long as we are exactly obedient. My struggle as well. I’m always like 5 minutes late for bed and I sometime fall asleep in personal study. It is horrible. You have to be constantly working on things or they slip from your fingures. Anyways, we have a ton of new people in the Zone and they are amazing! We has a new Assistant and his name is Elder Hansen. He’s super shy and doesn’t know what to do with us Sisters. We have the sweetest District Leader Elder Plowman. He’s from Chicago and will be a great leader. OH and there are 2 black people serving now. I am no longre the only African American type. :p Super funny. Oh And who are the elders that are coming and or already serving here. They might be in my zone!
Anyways. I can not believe that Shaundrey is preggo again!! That is so crazy. Kathy hasn’t killed anyone yet has she? It’s a good thing she has those two puppies!
Well the family sounds like things are going well…… -ish.
Oh and i was thinking. It sounds like financially this year things are going to be super rough. I would love it if you came and picked me up. I’ve been telling everyone that you were coming, but I don’t want it to be a struggle to do so. If you can do it that would make me so happy. But if you find that you can’t.We can save up and go for family vacation and I could show you the whole mission or something. What do you think?
So this week I have been learning a lot about increasing my faith and believing. I have been struggling with this one investigator and he makes me so frustrated i want to throw a book of mormon at his head. I got to read ether 4 and 12 and D&C 5 and then it some how lead me to alma 5 and how as members we need to be going the extra mile. it’s not good enough to just be a good missionary or a good member we have to go beyond that. So for Carl (investigator) I just have to go the extra mile and help him just a little bit more and he will get baptized. they were really good scriptures so i thought i would share.
Anyways i got to peace out. I love you and miss you.
Sis Holder


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