Emails 2-21-2012


So Family,
I guess I can tell you about transfers… Sis Hong….. Stays! Sis. Holder….. Stays! And thats that. :p Yeah for me there isnt much changing, but as for all the companionships around me everything is changing. Elder George and Neeley are going home and that means I get a new assistant, district leader and sis. pack is getting a new companion as well. so i also get a new roommate. crazy right? out of the 70 compnaionships only 12 stayed the sasme, and i just happened to be on of them.I thought for a very long time that I would transfer. but the assisstants kept messing with our heads so i just stopped caring. but it was kinda shocking. i have been here for a very long time… 6 months. but i’m ok with that. i’m by everybody and thing that i want to be by except a super walmart… i hate the fact that they dont have on in my area that is within a reasonable distance. but anyways whats up?
oh yeah and i’m not worried about the getting married thing. it’s just something that was getting talked about a lot and no i do not think that mckay is the one, at least for right now. so not even worried. and as for getting a long with people i get along with everyone. but when you have been with someone for so long eventually people start butting heads. but yes sis hong and i are doing great we have bad days and good days and bad weeks and good weeks. we probably have some of the most unique personalities on the mission and they had to put us together cause we would run everybody else over. elder kealamakia calls me the bulldozer(sp?) i’m not sure if thats a good or a bad thing. anywas thats whats up right now. oh cool story. so both of our converts were confirmed on sunday. well charlene went to sunday school and there was no teacher because we were with a baptismal interview and the ward mission leader is MIA so charlene taught the class! how cool is that! she is the most solid person in the gospel ever. she’s better than most members. i’m so excited for her! and i get another 6 weeks with her. i am truly blessed. 🙂 anyways i dont know what else to write about. any insights?
Dear Pres. Anderson,
I wanted to tell you at the zone conference, but never had the oppertunity to, was that when you told the story about David and Goliath. It was really cool, I felt like you were telling us a bed time story. It was so awesome. And you and Sis. Anderson are so cute! I am happy to be serving here with you. Thank you for all that you do.
This past transfer has been crazy!!! Sis. Hong and I have had a rough past week, but over all the transfer was great. I am excited and shocked that I will continue to serve here in Davie. It was totally unexpected. But Sis. Hong and I have made a vision for the area and are excited to get it in motion. We are so sad to see our district leader leave. Elder George chanegd the whole face of my mission. But I am excited to have a new district leader and learn new things. Also, there are many personal goals that I have set out for myself that I would like to accomplish and I know that this transfer will be perfect for the leanring and growth that I want to do. There are so many things that I want to study up on and learn more about. Plus, I want to master the scriptures. I don’t feel like I know them at all. But I know all those things will come with time. Something that I have been thinking about lately is what I can work on to be a better missionary. For the most part the answerr would probably be everything.
Anyways we had something cool happen this week. Both Charlene and David were confirmed this past Sunday, but Charlene had a really cool experience. After sacrament meeting she went to Gospel Principles. Unfortunately there was no teacher and both Sis. Hong and I were with a baptismal interview. So because nobody in the class had manuals except for Charlene she was voted to teach the class. So she did!!!! We are so happy for both her and David who are doing well and are excited to work towards going to the temple.
Anyways, i’m ecited for a new transfer and the things I will learn.
Thanks for all you do!
Sis. Holder

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