E-Mails 2-13-2012

I have to tell you about the amazing week that I have had. Well actually it was kinda crappy, but it ended strong. So Sis. Hong and I had been upset with each other at the beginning of the week. So we really weren’t getting a lot of work done. Plus, we had a baptismal interview nearly go wrong, and because of it we were chastised by Elder George for our investigator not knowing about Thomas S. Monson. That put Sis. Hong in a depressive funk and put me in a really bad mood. So we have been at it for most of the week. So it was going really crappy. Our numbers were crap, we felt like crap…. crap crap crap! Then we forgave and forgot and got back to work and pulled our numbers up and had 2 BAPTISMS! How cool is that. David and Charlene were baptized yesterday and it was an amazing day! David we have been working with since before Christmas. He’s a 46 year old bachelor who like(s)(d) the fast life. But for some reason he decided that the life he was living wasn’t good. So he continued to meet with us. I felt like Sis. Hong and I were his mother. It was like taking care of a child. Plus he would always say that he needed to take “baby steps”. I dont know how many times we invited him to be baptized. But He finally committed and followed through. His mother is a member in the Boynton Beach ward; my first area. Crazy right. Now he is happily baptized and now all we have to do is get him a Mormon wife. 😛 Charlene whom we met about 9 days ago is the description of a “Golden Investigator”. She works at Nova University in the dental program as an assistant. It just so happens that the program only accepted 12 applicants and out of the 12, 5 of them were LDS. Crazy, right? Well because of the 5 members that were there, Charlene was able to see that they were different. They were respectful. talked kindly about there families and lived a good life. She saw that and wanted her son Ethan (4yrs) to be just like them. She started asking them questions and they told her answers. 9 days ago she met with us and was practically living everything the church asks. She quick smoking the day we met with her. She stopped drinking, she dropped her boy friend, she got rid of all the bad shows on her TV. It was crazy! So we were able to be apart of both of there baptisms and it was so amazing!
Well transfers are coming up fast and a lot of the Elders I have been with are going home. I am so sad 😦 But it’s gonna be great we’ll be friends forever! 😛 This is gonna be a huge transfer because last time only a few people moved and we have like 15 Elders coming. No sisters. Anyways life is good. You’ll find out next week about transfers.
And I have learned so much here in Davie. A lot of patience. How to set goals and accomplish them. How to be accountable. A lot about the Atonement and repentance. Charity. Marriage. I feel like this one is being drilled into my head with out anyone saying anything. It must be that I am stuck with some one for 24/7 😛
Anyways, know I love you tons and can’t wait to hear from you.
Sis. Holder

Dear Pres. Anderson,

This week has been a very interesting week for both Sis. Hong and I. We weren’t doing so well to start off with and we were really getting on each others nerves. It was really rough on getting work done. But we were able to talk to it out and pull it together for the end of week and have 2 baptisms! They were absolutely amazing. Charlene, who met about 2 weeks ago, was baptized and super excited to be apart of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. She had made so many changes in her life just in the short time that we have known her. Because of the influence from members in the Orthodontics program at Nova, she had amazing support and wonderful examples that helped her along the way. David, whom we had been working with since before Christmas was baptized as well. His mother got to be apart of it and they were so happy. It was a great end to an interesting week. Though we did run into a problem that some members in the ward are not so excited that we have baptisms on Sunday or that we baptize so quickly. We are unsure how to accomadate for the problem. But we are trying hard to work with the ward council. Bishop Curtis is trying his hardest to support us and move the work along for the ward.
Anyways, thanks for everything you do for me.
Sis. Holder



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