Emails 2/6/2012

Dear Pres Anderson, This past week has been amazing for Sis. Hong and I. The previous week was not so great and we wanted to make this week much better. The results were that we are going to be having 2 baptisms and we are working with some amazing people! Elder George challenged us to only teach with the spirit and if it wasn’t there that we should stop the lesson and sing a song or say a prayer and end the lesson or do as the spirit directs. We have had great teaching moments and we have been focused on inviting the spirit and powerful lessons. We begin each lesson with a song and a short powerful prayer and testify of the things that are true. We were also blessed to have our investigator move his own baptismal date up on his own accord! David that you met on Sunday. So the work is going great and I can’t wait for it to get even better. Also this week I have been focusing on making my studies better and more effective. I can feel myself becoming more in tune with the spirit and being able to better understand the prompting that he gives me. I’m starting to realize that there is so much that I need to work on so that I am a better missionary! Once you learn one thing you have to work on another. Something I’ve always known but never realized fully. I’m enjoying my studies, and learning and growing and working a lot on myself and the things I need to do to become better. Thanks for everything! Sis Holder”

So this week has been crazy awesome! I got your letters too. So we met this super sweet lady named Charlene. She was a member pass from the Elders. Well we go over to her house and she immediately accepts a baptismal date for the 12th! Turns out she works at Nova university with a bunch of member in the Ortho program. They were the perfect example of everything that she wanted for her son and she started asking them questions. And now she is getting baptized on Sunday WOOT WOOT! Also our buddy David whom we have been teaching since December. Finally committed to getting baptized as well. But then on Sunday he came up to us and said..”So i have to move my baptismal date.. It has to be this weekend.” We were so shocked it was crazy! So how cool is that! We have been working so hard and feeling like we were teaching brick walls and then out of the blue all this miracles start happening! How cool is that?! S Also this past week our District Leader Elder George challenged us to only teach with the spirit. That meant that if we didn’t feel like the spirit was present we stopped the lesson sang a song, said a prayer or something. then either ended the lesson or do as the spirit directs. It was a very powerful training that we had. It was video recorded too for the mission. Cause we are the best district in the whole mission. 😛 But it was powerful and amazing. These past 2 transfers have made a large impact on my mission and I am absolutely grateful for everything that I have experienced. Unfortunately it’s all going to change at transfers. But it will be a good change. I’m worried that I will be moved though. I want to stay in Davie. Ok, regarding your questions. Yes I am doing very well, just a little antzy for transfers, but I’m learning tons and having a lot of fun. We got to celebrate Elder Clark’s birthday. Today we are going out to eat with our district and then going bowling. so it’s going to be a lot of fun. Last week we went on a nature trail. I’ll try to send pics soon. As far as McKay goes. I’m just not feeling it. Since I’ve been here there is just so much that I have learned about marriage and life after the mission. I’m going to be a completely different person and so is he. So I don’t want him to think that all is well and is going to work out when we get home. I have sent some letters to him regarding the issue. The problem is that it takes months to send letters back and forth. Anyways, Those are my thoughts and I don’t think it will work out. Um.. Thanks so much for doing my taxes. And for taking care of my loan. Does everything look like it will be taken care of. And don’t forget that the paperwork for the defferment of my other loans needs to be done soon. Anyways. life is all well an dI’m excited for this week and can’t wait to tell you what happens.
Love you tons and can’t wait to hear from you.
Sis. Holder



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