E-Mails 1/30/2012

So I can’t think of too may things that made this week exciting. It wasn’t really exciting at all so…
We have had to pretty much drop all of our investigators because they aren’t going anywhere and one dropped his baptismal date. Sad huh?
Sis. Hong and I have been getting very frustrated with our areas. We are in charge of 3 wards and they all have ridiculous problems. But whatever. We are just trudging along.
My district Leader is amazing though. He is the only reason that the work right now is good. Cause he keeps telling us to keep on going. So we do, cause we will never let him down.
I learned a lot about forgivness and using the Atonement though. We had a stake conference where Elder Russell Ballard Talk to the east southern states. It was pretty much about family and getting married and stuff. It was cool though. But someone talked about how using the atonement was like a spiral. sometimes you move forward and sometime you move backward, BUT you should always move up ward. So I thought that that was pretty cool. She also talked about how we should repeatedly use the atonement even if we do not feel we are worthy and or if we feel like we are abusing it. How crazy is that. My silly minded investigator i wish would understand this concept. But honestly the week hasnt been bad. I have been sick though. I have never been sick so much in my life! and or Hurt either… sigh. anyways. It’s kinda boring right now. not much but little struggles here and there. but yeah

This is my letter this week to pres anderson. a missionary i work with said that he sends them home to his parents so they can get a good idea of what the missionary mind is like i guess i though t it was a good idea. this one is a little frustrated, but yeah.

“Dear Pres. Anderson,

This week has been a struggle for Sis. Hong and I. Most of our investigators have not been progressing and have been at a stand still on taking action from the things that we share with them. Though we have had little mini miracles through out the week. We have had some amazing lessons as a result of Harvesting and the members have been coming out with us more and more. They are beginning to do there own missionary work as well. One member from the ward brought a board director from the dental program at Nova and they are excited to help her learn more. Elder George shared an amazing scripture to help us out; Sis. Hong I have been feeling like we have been working so hard and are not getting any desired results. So he shared Mosiah 26:20-22. It was just what we needed to hear.
This week I have been studying a lot of how to increase my own faith and about testimony. Plus Stake Conference was a great help in understanding the Atonement and helping my investigators repent.
It’s been tough, but I have been learning a lot and am excited to learn more. We are working hard to help those we are working with get closer to baptism and we are expecting miracles.
Thanks so much!
Sis. Holder “


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