E-Mail 1-23-2012

i am going to cheer you up with happy mail.

Today was awesome for P-day we got up and watched the sun rise and then went on a bike ride at a national park. It was so much fun. I will send you pics. Unfortunately I was not able to get pictures of the manitees that we saw float by us. They were so coool! But I will send you pics of the other stuff. Also for my birthday the Sisters made a fort in our front room and a “fire” made of christmas lights and a crate and we had costco hotdogs for our campout. It was a blast. I was also fed steak and cake for dinner and I had many people sing to me. It was pretty awesome. So yes your little girl is now 23 and still feels like 18. Probably act like it too. :p

Sunrise in FloridaIt is Risen