E-Mail 1-16-12

Hey Family!
So There isnt to much to report on this week but i do have a letter that should be on it’s way tomorrow so i can answer all the questions! I love it! Anyways i wrote about whats going on in my area to you in the letter so you’ll get to read about it. But I am so happy that you got to talk to Sis. ANDERSON. Not the mission pres wife though. She is one of the ward mission leaders wife. And she is amazing. In fact I am at her house right now since all the libraries are closed. She was kind enough to take us shopping, and let us use her computer and feed us lunch! A true blessing! We love her tons. anyways. I cant say that there is anything exciting going on. Oh yes Sis anderson said, when ever you want you can call her and check up on me. I dont think i will be able to send pics this week but i will try. our day has been weird since we are out of our normal routine. I havent recived my birthday package to open yet, so no worries. for now. šŸ˜›
So A sis Holder story for the week. I was throwing the trash away at the dumpster and the dumpster is in a gate that is spring loaded to shut. So i flung it open to throw the garbage away and the gate flung back and attacked me. I now have 3 giant gashes in the back of my ankle and some major bruising. I can barelywalk. It is truly sad. something like this happens at least once through out the week. sigh
Anyways i cant really think of much. I will forward the pictures that were taken at a lunch that we had a senoir missinoaries home. we had a lot of fun.
Thats all i can think of so yeah.

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