E-mail 1-3-2012

Hey Family! What is up!
So yes last week I was jipped out of my P-day. I didnt get to email, go shopping, or write letters. I hot stucj running around with other missionaries and being beat tired for nothing. What a pain the hollidays were in that regard. Anyways it sounds like Elder Holder is doing good. He sent me a funny email about food and Elder Wheeler. So I rubbed it in on how much food I received out here. I’m so sick of food. I’m just getting fatter and fatter and there is nothing I can do about it. I am seriously concerned. I’m a whale! 😛 Anyways. What is up?
I am going to tell you a very funny story.

Yesterday morning we went for a bike ride to the park like we do every morning. Well, this particualr morning had some random runners/ walkers that had not been there before. So I had fallen behind and was fixing my pant leg so it didn’t get stuck in my bike chain. So when I started biking the runners were in my way. I decided that riding around them on the road and hopping the curb was going to be the best way to catch up to my companera quickly. We gotta stay with in sight and sound you know. So I go and get far ahead enough of the runners and it is now time to hop the curb. Well apparently I didn’t hop high enough. I caught the curb and crash landed in front of the runner and slid across-thank heavens- grass and not the sidewalk. So I quickly rebounded and hopped up on my bike. The runners were frantic asking if I was ok and if I was hurt. Without breaking stride because of all the embarrassment, I just said “No” and kept biking. Now is the worst part. We make it to the park and get ready to run, when all of a sudden this terrible, horrible and gagging smell hits me in the face! So as it were. When I crashed landed, I landed in Dog CRAP! and it smeared all over my clothes. I was mortified! I had to race back home and hop in the shower! IT WAS TERRIBLE! and it was my own fault. …yay sister holder…

kylie eating sushi miso soup

kylie eating yogurt with sis hong


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