Nov. 29, 2011

So Hey Family!
What is up? So I am wondering if you got my letter or what? Well I guess I will just tell you the crazy news that is going this week. Just as Elder Christensen was transffered….. I wasn’t!! HAHAHah! BUT! Something even more crazy has happened. This transfer… Sis. Mills…. is staying in Davie….. Sis. Holder…. is ……….. staying in Davie!! BUT! Sis. Hong….. is… transffering….. to ………. DAVIE!!!! I am now in a trio, actually tomorrow I will be in a trio. Plus Sis. Pack is staying and training a new missionary. They just couldn’t split us up! So until Dec. 23rd there will be 5 sisters crammed into a tiny apartment. With only 2 bathrooms. Isn’t it great???? No. It will be awesome. I am excited! Anyways so life here is now about to change. But it will be fun. We are all very glad that we are staying together. I don’t know what I would do without multiple people around me. It would be scary. But yeah. So mission life is same old. We walk and talk and teach and preach. It’s all good.

Sisters Holder and PackSisters Mills, Houng, Holder and Mills