Dec. 6, 2011

Hey Mother Dearest!
What is up?
So I have heard that there was a tornado type thing by you all… Whats up with that? Are the family all ok? Not too much damage I hope!
Ok I dont know if I have time to write a letter this week. But I will at least send a note. But here’s the email.
So I have been in a trio for just under a week and it’s been awesome and bad all at the same time. Sis Mills and I still get on each others nerves, but we deal and we love each other. It’s just I’m a ditz and she must be the voice of reason. But that’s all good. There is Sis. Hong. She is an amazing sister. Anyways. I have some frustrations being in a trio. I dont despise it but i never want to do it again. ever. I hate buying food with them and organizing and planning. they make it so difficult. and then when i have a problem with something. oh boy i should go jump off a cliff. but at other times its wonderful. like when teaching lessons or classes. we have fun and we work hard. it’s totally bipolar.
Anyways good news. our investigator sarah will be getting married on the 22nd and will be baptized on the 30th of this month! please pray that it will happen. i will just die if it doesnt work out! But she’s [retty solid. we are so escited and she has already invited friends and family, picked out songs and desserts! it’s going to be so awesome. i’m way excited! I still need info for my christmas call. where will you be. what phone should i call? very important info!!!!! Hello!!!??!?!?!? Oh and we also met this awesome couple. Savanah and Tom. Savanah is amazing. Tom is a … not. But if we continue teaching them it will be awesome! She will get baptized but we got to get her to that point. Tom is not wanting to be very spiritual like she is. but we are working on them. OH and did you get to watch the Xmas 1st presidency devotional??????? It was sooo good. We loved it!
it is 80 degrees and the beach is very nice out here this christmas season. how bout yours? JK jkjkjjkjkjjk.
I love you soooooooo much!

Sister Manno with the trio

Sister Holder

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